The most circulated magazine in the world.

Remember the heroes of the famous Soviet box office hits "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", released almost 35 years ago, arguing over whether television would destroy the theater or not?As you can see, the theater is alive!And this is the best answer to the pessimists who claim that the Internet will soon replace the print media.Moreover, there are always new magazines, periodicals and some had long been able to attract the audience, to meet the needs which require the circulation of several hundred thousand or even millions of copies.

little history

As is known, the magazine called printed periodicals, which, according to GOST, should have a permanent rubrication.Incidentally, the idea to notify fellow scientists and the general public about the new discoveries for the first time came up with the Frenchman Denis de Sully.It was he who, with the approval of the all-powerful minister Colbert, issued in 1665, the year "Journal des Savants", which a century later Voltaire called the prototype of all these publications.By the way, Salo introduced the concept of feedback, inviting readers to "send their comments to the fact that they are also published in the journal," and began to put the illustrations, including very large.The world's first periodical, very quickly gained popularity among the reading public.Therefore it is not surprising that by the end of the 17th century in France, there were about fifty magazines of different directions.

most circulated magazine in the world

As you know, most superdostizheny in various fields are published in the Guinness Book of Records.So, it states that the most circulated magazine in the world - "Watchtower", its circulation of 40 million copies, it is published in more than 180 languages.Since 1879, the year of his publisher is a notorious organization of Jehovah's Witnesses, the magazine is distributed in 236 countries around the world where legally or illegally, are followers of this community organization.However, in this case, the title of "the most circulated magazine in the world" does not mean that the "Watchtower" is incredibly popular.

It is known that very often, "witnesses" have to go to various tricks in order to convince some "soul," which, in their opinion, needs to be saved, read it, or at least agree to take the scroll.In any case, at the moment the resolution on the distribution of "The Watchtower" in our country canceled, so this magazine often try to bring in Russia illegally, especially as members of this organization has vast experience of this kind of activity.After all, for more than 140 years of existence, they are constantly harassed by the authorities.

Regarding the content of the publication, it is enough to say that in the first issue of the magazine "Watchtower" for the year 1879 been declared the main goal of the publication - "to help readers realize that the world is going through its last days."As they say, no comment!

Popular magazines Russian

Today, among the publications in our country, the palm of the number of readers belong to Guide "Antenna-Telesem."Its weekly circulation of 4,077,288 copies.Of course, this is not enough to claim the title of "the most circulated magazine in the world", but the figure is still quite impressive.Solid and geographical coverage of publications, including 72 cities in Russia and 4 cities in the Baltic States and the CIS.In this magazine, readers can read the TV program, to learn more about the life of stars, find a lot of crosswords and puzzles, and get tips that will be useful in the management of the household.

Among the most replicable can be noted as such Russian magazines, like "All for women", "Good Housekeeping", "My favorite summer residence", "Secrets of the Stars" and others. In addition, there are Russian versions of magazines with a worldwide reputationwho are in our country, the audience of several hundred thousand people.

Prints for ladies and girls

first Russian women's magazine was published in 1779.It is aimed to introduce girls and ladies with the latest fashion and teach good manners.Later, from the beginning of the 19th century, began to publish literary magazines and entertaining orientation, and in the 1860s in publications intended for women began to appear corners gossip.In addition, the emergence of cinema has led to interest in the life of stars and created the phenomenon of the paparazzi.

Even in Soviet times, was originally created for propaganda magazine "worker" and "Peasant Woman" published articles on economics, psychology, family relationships and advice on needlework.But the real revolution in the field of women's media occurred in 1989.After all, that's when the USSR began to produce women's magazine "Burda Fashion". He immediately gained immense popularity, as published patterns and schemes by which women could make their own clothes, which was extremely important in the era of public deficit.

popular glossy magazines for women, published in Russian

Today, in our country you can buy periodicals for women several directions:

  • family household, such as "Lisa", "peasant", "Fireside";
  • eliteFor example, "Cosmopolitan", "Elle", "Marie Claire", "Harper's Bazaar";
  • for young girls ("Elle Girl" and "Lisa. Girl");
  • for moms, for example, "Lisa. Mychild ";
  • dedicated to women's health (" Women's Health "," Health & amp; Health ").

In addition, a huge popular magazines of interest, especially for sewing and knitting magazines.For example, for many years the Russians are looking for schemes for its needlework works and photos of current models in "Sabrina".

most popular magazine for real men

Of course, the most famous periodicals for representatives of the strong half of humanity is "Playboy", the first issue of which was published in 1953.Although most people associate it with a half-naked beauties, in different years, it published works of Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen King, Ian Fleming, Stanislaw Lem, and others.As for Russia, the first Russian men's magazine - "The Bear" - appeared in 1995, the year.But he lasted only until 2011.Today, among the most popular publications such direction in our country, except for "Playboy", are "Maxim", "Men's Health Russia" and "GQ".

logs for a children's audience

"Murzilka" and "Fun" - these names are familiar to many from his childhood.In general, children's magazines in our country have always enjoyed great popularity.Suffice it to say that the same "Murzilka", the first issue of which was published back in 1924, was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest of the existing children's publications.Moreover, it continues to be produced with a fairly large for children's periodicals with a circulation of 85,000 copies.

most popular literary magazines of our country

idea print literary works in periodicals emerged in 1668 from a group of Italian writers.Published was named magazine of "Il Giornale de'Letterati", which translates as "literary magazine."Later they followed suit and colleagues from England and France.As for Russia, it is one of the first such publication is considered to be the magazine AP Sumarokov.But the really popular they became in the 19th century, when they began to be printed by representatives of the Golden Age of Russian literature.As for the present, then, listing the names of well-known magazines of this kind, it should be noted "Ogonyok", "The New World," "Foreign Literature" and "friendship of peoples".