Who celebrates birthday party in April and how to do it with dignity

Often we naively came to the birthday, the birthday person call.This is not entirely correct.

day gaining patron saint

Besides the day when our friend or acquaintance came into the world, it also has another important feast day of spiritual birth, when the saints are celebrated name day, or the day an angel.After all, the patron saint is predstatel before the Lord.He protects living person on earth from sin, fatal errors, and various ills.

Soon it will be spring, and maybe someone will be interested to read about someone named in honor of those whose birthday party in April.

Saints commemorated on this sunny spring month, many.Behind every famous name is the fate of a prophet, saint or martyr.These days, not very common names such as Praskovya, Martha Lukyan, Theodosius, Akulina or Myron, but fortunately, recently became parents to diversify their choice when deciding how to name the baby.

Since ancient times, it was decided to give the name of the child, guided by the church calendar.For a long time the rule is not respected, and now sometimes there is a question about when the angel who celebrate.

How to determine its patron saint

The rule is simple, if someone is born, say, April 5, and his name was Basil, the two St. Basil, whose name day in April, you should choose the one that commemorated the nearestAfter a birthday or on the same day.In this case it will be the Rev. Basil New.In 944, he showed courage by entering patrician Samon in his iniquity, for which he was subjected to torture.He tried to hang upside down, feed the hungry lions and drown, but each time he miraculously escaped.The man wearing this glorious name, may choose such a brave saint as an example to follow, and his angel, Rev. Vasily new, it will help and protection.

holiday holy men in April

Men's birthday party in April presented slavnoizvestnymi and other saints.Among them, Valery, Victor, Vladimir, Alexey, Elijah, Paul, Ivan, Nicholas, Nikita and many others.Learn about the feats performed by them in life, very simple, just open the "Lives of the Saints" and read them on the actions, their fame forever.Righteousness, honesty and courage - qualities that lifelong develops a real man, and sample them may be those who have lived according to Christian precepts, and was canonized.

holiday holy women in April

But not only by men celebrating birthday party in April.The girls, named in honor of the martyr Alla Gotfskoy may also choose as an example of her fate.Its resistance has become a model of unshakable faith and way of life was righteous.

Women celebrating birthday party in April, almost every day of the spring month.Carriers name Darya, Sophia, Taisia, Vasilisa, Anastasia, Barbara Ann, Mary, Evdokia, and many others, will shine on Russian soil, and in other countries, the holy ascetic have ample opportunity to commune with their glory.It's enough to carry with honor the traditions established Orthodox holy women.

How to celebrate birthday party in April

Name Day - an important celebration in the life of every true believer of the Orthodox Christian.Unfortunately, it is not always properly observed.By indecent classes that day can be safely attributed the use of intoxicating beverages, obscene conversations and neblagochinnoe behavior.Particularly, it should be remembered that birthday party in April, often comes to Lent, during which all these excesses of the Orthodox Church considers unacceptable.

This day should begin with a prayer addressed to the patron saint, to visit the temple and, if circumstances permit, to participate in the church service.

If the post is not present, to strengthen the spirit of it is quite possible to invite guests or to celebrate the holy name day with the family, bearing in mind that excessive zeal, manifested in the eating of food and libations are always bad for the soul and body.

God bless you!