Shop "Technosila": customer reviews and staff

Brand "Technosila" - among the most recognized in Russia.This is one of the largest retailers in the segment of consumer electronics.Founded more than 20 years ago, "Technosila" continues to evolve.Despite the difficult times, the difficulties associated with the modernization of the Russian economy today, executives see the prospects of the brand in the development of new activities.

Among the most dynamic segments of the modern electronic retail market - online sales.However, if some time ago online shopping considered competitors to traditional point of sale, now off-line retailers are actively learning to use online tools in order to improve their business.Today, the Internet - indispensable for many sellers channel of communication with the client.

declared top managers "Technosila" targets is largely due to a more active use of just the same online tools.The extent to which the stated objectives Infrastructure brand?Are buyers experience in dealing with the company in terms of visits to the off-line shops and in fact referring to online services?

Brand Story

Company "Technosila", reviews of which are present in the online space in large numbers - one of the leading retailers in the Russian segment of household appliances and electronic equipment.According to various estimates, the company is among the top companies of the Russian Federation in terms of use of retail space.Based company "Technosila" in 1993 by two entrepreneurs - Victor and Vyacheslav Zaitsev in Moscow.Since 2001, the brand began to appear in other Russian regions.Regarding the prospects for the spread of the network "Technosila" reviews many Russian marketers were most positive.By 2007, the bulk of the brand stores located in the regions.In the same year it opened its first overseas shop "Technosila" - in Dushanbe, under the franchise agreement.

In 2010, the assets of "Technosila 'reviews of that in the aspect of further expansion in terms of the recent crisis were not too positive among Russian experts moved to the management of MDM Bank.Soon, however, brand shares were sold Dauria.And in February 2011, bankruptcy proceedings were initiated brand "Technosila".Reviews about her among Russian experts were very different hue.It is known that at the time of the hearing relating to bankruptcy, the amount of creditors' claims exceeded 11 billion rubles.By the end of 2011, the company was able to pay off all Dauria debts "Technosila", and since the beginning of 2012, the stores re-opened its doors to customers.But soon enough, the brand was sold to a group of financial investors.In 2014, it was announced that the merger "Technosila" with another major retailer segment of consumer electronics - the company "Technoshock."The result was one of the largest retail chains in Russia amount to more than 120 shops and retail outlets with a total area exceeding 230 thousand sq. M.m. The brand "Technosila" is now present in all federal districts of Russia, except the Far East.

The company's plans - to actively develop online component business.Owned brand "Technosila" online shop customer reviews received in a wide range.Degrees sentiments, of course, very different, but in general, Russian consumers are positive to the company.Efficient operation of the structures of the brand, experts say, is largely due to the successful integration of resources "Technosila" and "Technoshock" available at the time of the merger.In the future, the corporation plans to invest in logistics, improvement of IT-infrastructure, introduction of new models and the launch of CRM various loyalty programs.

development in the online direction

Aspects concerning the development of the brand in the online area.As we have noted above, the brand "Technosila" customer reviews more actively gets in the Internet space.Opinions about the quality of products sold in the stores, as well as the level of service, the Russian people have expressed on many different online portals.For example, in a fairly wide range of guest reviews "Technosila" to "of Yandex.Market" - one of the largest integrators in the Russian Internet sales.

According to the plans voiced by the leadership of the brand in a media interview, the company faces the task - to provide the market sufficiently unique format of the business as a model that will be optimally combined online and offline line infrastructure.It is planned to invest in the improvement of the site, increasing its recognition among Russian users.According to many experts, formative reviews of the store "Technosila", the successful implementation of the goals of the brand can greatly prevent the crisis trends in the segment.However, analysts say, the modern Russian retailers can effectively develop if optimally suited to the issue of prioritization in the online and offline sales.Actually, in the framework of this strategy, and probably will develop "Technosila".Already, according to reports in some sources, the share of online sales in the company generates about 20% of its revenue in the Russian market.It is expected that this figure will grow.

Offline topical!

However, top managers "Technosila" in an interview with the media highlight the fact that the off-line trend of sales will also grow.First of all, in terms of infrastructure support component of the online business.That is, the customer, order something online, should be able to come in handy for a store and pick up your purchase.As for the number of off-line points of the network, it is believed the company's managers, will not change significantly in the near future.It may be noted that reviews of the store "Technosila" largely include the aspect of the location of the specific points of sale.Many customers appreciate the convenience of the location of most of them correlative with the geography of cities and transportation infrastructure of settlements.If the policy is characterized by generally quite elaborate localization of stores continues, the brand has all the chances, experts say, to establish an effective mechanism of interaction between online and offline component of the business model.

Online Marketing

Anyway, "Technosila", as evidenced by the comments of managers, will focus develop in-line direction.What are the key aspects of the brand marketing strategy, implemented within the framework of relevant policies?It is assumed, in particular, the adaptation of the business model to the characteristics of consumer behavior of citizens.For example, many modern buyers decide on the acquisition of a particular type of goods even before coming to the store.

typical scenario is as follows.First, the buyer makes a selection of products based on the price and the best from his point of view, the characteristics of the product.Then one reads located at major online sites reviews."Technosila" to "of Yandex.Market" - one of the most popular portals on this topic - is found in the comments of users sufficiently often.Form an opinion about the product on the basis of the characteristics of personal experiences based on photos, videos, and comments in a review, buyer goes to the nearest store network in order to acquire the most suitable product.

So before you go to the point of sales people learn information from online directories on the site distribution network, the views of other users in a review, on the social networks.Sometimes it takes them even longer than the expert advice directly to the shop.Thus, according to executives' Technosila "off-line point of sale turns from point of active sales in the infrastructure unit that performs a large extent the logistic function.

Online Tools

What specific tools "Technosila" suggests to introduce for the purpose of implementation of the development of online sales?In an interview with the media brand leaders expressed thesis, in particular, the need to implement a new IT-platform, which will be based on the functionality of the site.It is also planned to further improve the logistics system of the brand.Despite the fact that such components as delivery, "Technosila" (comments of many experts and customers confirm it) generally competitive with other retailers, the company, apparently, does not want to stop there.And this is probably the most positive impact on the realization of the brand announced plans.

In particular, it is assumed that the buyer can choose a convenient option with the delivery of the goods based on the optimal ratio of price and speed of sending.Perhaps, according to executives "Technosila" will be slow, but free shipping or express, but it will have to pay for it.Also likely to be additional logistics options.Now work "Technosila" (feedback from staff of various departments of the company to confirm this) is largely due to the definition of comfort brand interaction with transport and courier services, the signing of contracts.It is supposed tight integration with the retailer's infrastructure resource partners.

Financing Program

adaptation program "Technosila" to new sales concept, which will be accentuated in the online direction involves significant investment.For example, some sources there are indications that the brand will have to invest in infrastructure renewal of several hundred million rubles.Anticipated sources of funds - investment of shareholders, as well as internal resources of the brand.Some experts have appreciated the company's policy in terms of the efficient allocation of financial resources.For example, when two brands combined - "Technoshock" and "Technosila" (feedback from staff key divisions in terms of procedures, the merger is confirmed), the re-branding and other integration points was solved with minimal investment costs.Moreover, due to the merger with the "Technoshock", according to executives "Technosila", many costs associated with the modernization of IT-infrastructure and other tasks, reflecting the new policy of the company, will reduce.

Practical Marketing

Consider how brand marketing strategy is implemented in practice.To study the relevant aspects of the reviews will help us store "Technosila".Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities of the Russian Federation, as experts believe, form a market that can be reliable indicators of the success of the implementation of brand sales concepts involving effective integration of online and offline business component.What users are saying about the experience of interaction with the "Technosila"?


Among the most attractive options offered by "Technosila" - customer reviews confirm this - a program of discounts.For example, when ordering goods via the website many purchase price is less than the purchase of the same product in the store.It is also an important role in the marketing policy "Technosila" probably play promo codes.Using them, customers can also receive additional discounts.Owned brand "Technosila" online shop (customer reviews characterized sufficiently appreciable degree positive in this respect) enables us to obtain the appropriate discount when ordering goods directly.To do this, enter the promotional code in the special field when you make an application.

Another option to get a discount in the "Technosila" - pass the old technique.The brand thus realizes quite popular among Russian retailers scheme within its own program.This shop "Technosila" - customer reviews confirm this - he is ready to take the old equipment from the apartment and bring a new one.Members greatly appreciated the appropriate service.

Service and feedback

Actually, what are the details of the level of service "Technosila"?What do they say about it people leaving comments on thematic portals?"Technosila" online store organized, apparently, at the competitive level.Can you say the same thing about the off-line points of sale network?

Note that the customer reviews with experience visit the shops of the brand, is largely subjective.If a particular client considers valid the same level of service, the other says that since it is impossible to communicate with the buyer.There are complaints of customers that in some chain stores counselors give them enough attention.While at the same time, many users have expressed in their comments on the excessive activity of employees' Technosila "in terms of communication with the customer, some people call this behavior intrusive.The big question, of course, some of the patterns of interaction with the customer satisfied with the majority of Russians.A single point of view on this matter is likely to be no.

For a large retailer network is important to the quality of the feedback from the buyer.So experts say many customers brand writing, in particular, "of Yandex.Market 'reviews."Technosila" in this context has a sufficiently competitive resource.For example, to refer clients on all relevant issues - guarantees Remon, insurance, savings - open a hot line of the company, which runs from 9:00 to 21:00.Also, buyers can submit questions in the company through e-mail, stating it contacts, through which the shop can then contact the customer.

Customers brand, as well as many experts in the field of e-retailers say the high quality of service and consulting support "Technosila."In this sense, the brand has a very competitive infrastructure and adequately trained personnel.Enterprises can only adapt appropriate resources to promising marketing strategy.

Competitive advantages

Company "Technosila" - growing brand.His success, experts say, is largely due to the timely expansion of the range.Now the retailer's catalogs - tens of thousands of different headings.Each of them is provided with information that reflects the characteristics and properties of other consumer products.Thus, another aspect of the competitiveness of the brand - the information content of communication with the buyer.If necessary support "Technosila" always ready to provide any additional information about the implemented technology.It pays great attention to brand staff development.In particular, they regularly participate in training in special courses.

Among other significant competitive advantages - a large number of high-quality work and service centers.They are present, so not only in the largest cities where it operates "Technosila".St. Petersburg (customer reviews from the northern capital of the company to meet the specialized online sites on a regular basis), Moscow - the city where the customer is rarely surprised by the high quality of the corresponding services.This, in turn, are often lacking in the regions.However, service centers "Technosila" presented in Russian cities in sufficiently wide range of work, according to many users, leave comments, in good faith and fully corresponding to the needs of customers.Many customers say that the warranty conditions "Technosila" suggest a considerable amount of services provided free of charge.