How to choose a notebook of your dreams

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Life does not stand still, and replace your home PC come other devices.So it is with laptops.They are bulky, heavy, with a small charge the battery.But netbooks are not just for mobility, stable access to the Internet, work with documents.Naturally, the battery is very good.On average, it lasts for 5-7 hours of continuous use.There is a question: "But how to choose a netbook?" It's not so hard, just need to know what you are looking for.


If your main argument in the choice - work, then you need to choose not just a netbook, but the one which is more energy-intensive battery.After all, it depends on how much time you can spend at work without being distracted by the search for recharging.Keep in mind that manufacturers often slightly embellish reality.The instructions can be battery life 8 hours, and in fact only 6. How to choose a notebook with good battery?Pay attention to the power of the processor.Performance at 2 GHz gives you the opportunity to work without any problems the device for about 5 hours.If higher processing power, the power consumption will be greater.Screen size is of great importance.To work, it is desirable to have a convenient monitor.But the distinguishing feature of netbooks - small size.So, the most that can be obtained - is 11 inches.To work with office applications is sufficient.

to study

How to choose a notebook to study?It is important to consider the size, weight, power consumption of the battery, the presence of a variety of outputs.For example, for comfortable work with a variety of educational programs, it is desirable to have at least three ports USB, connector HDMI, headphone output.This is the minimum set that will make use of the netbook as easy as possible.A large number of USB-ports allows you to easily connect additional equipment: mouse, printer, disk drive.The last fact is not in the netbook to lighten the weight of the device.The small size allows you to carry it everywhere with him, he does not take up much space, easy.Please note that it is possible to connect to the network via Wi-Fi.This is useful in public places with free access to the Internet.How to choose a netbook in 2013?Take a good look at the reviews of the models, pay attention to the brand or the lack of it, hard disk space, the type of housing.Matte or glossy screen and cabinet?All just to your taste.Matt body is not very convenient because it gets dirty.A glossy prone to scratches.

netbook Select the parameters

No matter what purpose you are buying a netbook, you need to rely only on their needs.Are you interested in the maximum possible options?Well, be guided by them.How to choose a notebook with the desired parameters?Carefully read the description of the device, check whether you can replace the elements (increase memory, change the video card, etc.).The only thing you can not worry - your hard drive.Rather, the scope thereof.Currently commercially available removable storage media of different sizes.This will always have all the necessary files on any devices: netbooks, notebooks, monoblock or PC.