On the laptop touchpad not working.

Despite the howling of mobility, the touchpad on a laptop is not the most popular management tools, but rather perceived as a kind of alternative.And for good reason.Facilities are obvious.Laptops are getting smaller and can be easily carried along with working documents in a purse, and for "charging" and the mouse, and we need more, though small, but additional compartments.Also, all are well aware that the mouse work when the laptop is on your lap, at least, uncomfortable.Personalize your touchpad allows you to optimize performance.And let the game certainly uncomfortable, but to work - over.

Those who do not understand about what this "Pate" we say elaborate.The touchpad - the touchpad, usually with two buttons, which is located right under the keyboard of the laptop.Movement of a finger on the panel you control the cursor.Touchpad with multi-touch function allow you to increase or decrease the function of the selected workspace.But there are faults, as a result of which did not work on a laptop touchpad.How to solve such a problem, we try to understand.

most often hurts people not only damage the touch panel, as its incorrect operation.That cursor "jumps" on the screen, you have to translate in one direction, and it "flies" in the opposite direction, then slowly, then quickly moves ... In short, behave unpredictably.It is unlikely to lose the touchpad is likely you recently had dinner, sitting in front of a computer.Simple greasy spot on the touch panel is fraught with a whole bunch of surprises.The problem is often easily solved.You need soap cotton swab, wet wipes and 15 minutes of free time.Procedure, I think, is clear.

touchpad clean, but the result does not become positive?Then, perhaps, you use the panel clean, but not dry hands.The touchpad does not tolerate water droplets.It is, of course, does not absorb moisture, but the quality of work is significantly reflected.The fingers must be clean and dry.In an extreme case, it is necessary to go to the settings tab and run the "Mouse".Adjust the sensitivity.Perhaps this is the problem.If you do not operate the touch panel additional functions, such as scrolling, and everything is normal, then it is the fault of your software.Download and install from the site are upgrading the driver and you will be happy.

happens that on a laptop touch pad does not work under any circumstances.No reaction to a direct effect.It does not rule out the possibility that he simply turned off.How to turn the touchpad on a laptop is not difficult to learn.Just look closely at the keyboard.Hold down the Fn key in combination with one of F5-12."Hot keys" on laptops are appointed in different ways, but the options are not too many.Try.

Sometimes, a simple failure of standard configuration tools makes it so that does not work on a laptop touchpad.Check the status of programs in the lower right corner of your desktop next to the clock.Failure may occur due to improper shutdown.

worst things that you have learned all the possible ways how to turn the touchpad on a laptop, and all of them tried, but the problem is it is damaged.Did you hit on it in anger.Remember!Each hit on the laptop - is a serious blow to your pocket.Think twice and record.

In an extreme case.It does not work on a laptop touchpad?Buy a portable USB-mouse and do not reflect the restoration of the touch panel.That is done in most cases.Broken touchpad recovery often does not lend itself.It is necessary to change the service center.Should such a service is $ 20.Now and decide that you are comfortable.Probably, knowing the situation, and now most of you would prefer berzhnoe handling equipment.Especially this is to teach the children, who love to eat near the computer - and save up technique, and the kiddies class will present education, and the question of what to do when not working on a laptop touchpad, shall cease to excite you.