When it's age in Russia in comparison with other countries

There is a very wide variation in the term of majority in different countries.And, in some states, criminal liability, the ability to get married and get married, to dispose of property, to drive vehicles, to buy alcohol and cigarettes and to take part in the elections did not coincide with the period of coming of age.When it comes to the Russian majority, and can in some cases reduce the minimum age of entry into adulthood?

According to the Universal Declaration, which regulates the rights of the child, the child is a person under 18 years of age.And the majority in Russia comes to accuracy of the Declaration - the full responsibility, as well as efficiency is achieved with the onset of 18 years.That is, the first day when a citizen of the Russian Federation has knocked 18, he already can safely vote to go to court to conclude the contract property, to dispose property and the like.People younger than 18 years, saying bureaucratic language, divided into young people (who are under 14 years of age) and persons of minors (this is the age of between 14 and 18 years).Transition of the child from the age of a minor in a juvenile marked by getting them passport of the Russian Federation.It does not make him capable, but still some changes in this direction in his life there.

If a minor treated by the state as real children, the minor in some cases, may be granted rights and imposed obligations, as if they have entered into adulthood.In Russia, the age of consent, according to the Family Code, comes in the same 18. However, in the case of pregnancy of a minor girl, birth her child or threat to the life of one of the spouses local governments can go forward and allow such minors to marry in 16 years.But this is not the limit, some subjects of the federation may adopt laws to reduce the age limit for marriage: 11 subjects are allowed to marry at the age of 14, and in Bashkortostan, Orel and Novgorod regions marriage age is not limited at all.And the marriage of minors already turns into a fully capable citizens, and divorce (even if it occurred a few weeks after the marriage) does not affect the deprivation of their adult status.

premature age in Russia can be achieved by other means - the so-called "through emancipation."Civil Code (Article 27.) Provides that if the minor is working under an employment contract, agreement or engaged in business with the consent of the parents, it can be declared by the guardianship authorities fully adult.In this case, the child may enter into transactions and answer before the law for their implementation.By the way, the responsibility before the law for criminal liability in Russia attracted 16, and for the most serious crimes (murder, robbery, theft or rape) - 14 years.

If we look at the world map, the threshold of adulthood is necessary sometimes to the very different age.The smallest bar - just 14 years - is observed on the Faroe Islands in their footsteps is Cuba - where such period begins at age 16.In most European countries, as we have - in 18 years.But the majority in Japan reached only 20 years old, although the age of marriage for brides may be reduced to 14 years.And it has a "ceiling" that is, the maximum observed in the world is the age when adulthood begins in the United States (not all states), in Guinea, Bahrain, Egypt, Honduras, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Monaco, Madagascar and Singapore.And in these countries, the bottom bracket the age when you can marry less than the age of majority in France 15 - for the bride and 18 - for the groom, Italy, respectively, 14 and 16, and in Germany - 16 and 21 years old.In the US, depending on the state, 14-15 years - for women and 18-21 - for boys.