Selection of microorganisms

selection of microorganisms used in various fields of medicine and industry.Man often used waste products unicellular eukaryotes and prokaryotes.Selection of microorganisms is used to highlight the forms of lactic acid bacteria and yeast.They are subsequently used to produce different products.For example, the activity of fungi and bacteria is the basis of the test fermentation processes, produce many of dairy products, wine, sauerkraut, brewing and others.

selection of microorganisms produces the highest quality form on various nutrient media.For example, yeast successfully grown on waste oil, methanol, wood hydrolysates, methane.Yeast contain up to sixty percent of the proteins.Their use as a feed protein allows annually receive up to an additional million tons of meat.

selection of microorganisms is widely used in agriculture.Thus, of paramount importance to develop the essential amino acids.Due to the fact that they are sufficiently small in conventional feed, the amount of food must be increased.At the same time adding tons of lysine synthesized by microbiological, saves tens of tons of conventional feed.

yeast, mold, bacteria produce antibiotics that are subsequently applied persons.Many of them are extremely necessary, you can save lives.Several bacteria and fungi have the ability to synthesize certain vitamins, in particular, those which are not produced in the body.

main selection methods used in the investigation of opportunities for substances that have great economic importance.Such substances in particular include ketones, alcohols, organic acids.Selective methods are focused on getting the genetic lines that are able to provide maximum performance.Today, we created such molds that produce thousands of times more antibiotics than the original form.

To increase efficiency in the selection of applied mutagenesis.Thus, it becomes possible to expand the range of genetic variation.This technique involves the use of irradiation, exposure to specific chemical components.

development of methods for industrial use of microorganisms and biological processes for the issuance of the necessary human substances involved in biotechnology.As part of this scientific branch in the major biological reactors on special nutrient media carried removal of yeast, fungi and bacteria.All these microorganisms produce enzymes, vitamins, proteins, amino acids and other compounds necessary.

Bacteria are widely used in the metallurgical industry.Traditional technologies are used in the smelting not allow the use of a composite or poor ore.The methods of biotechnology allow transferring many metals from ore into solution.This is achieved by the ability of bacteria to oxidation.Thus, the annually produced enormous amount of copper.Biotechnological methods are used in the preparation of uranium, silver, gold.

on nutrient media that contain essential plant hormones, mineral salts and other compounds, can grow and proliferate cells of different plants.This, in turn, simplifies and accelerates the production of useful products.For example, faster and easier to cultivate ginseng root, rather than to take care of the whole plant.

is widely used various methods of breeding animals.For example, cell engineering allows to propagate elite breed.For these purposes, such as receiving "surrogate motherhood".