Why dream of a quarrel with his girlfriend - the interpretation of sleep

unpleasant moments in real life may go in our dreams.According to psychologists, to dream of a fight - it is a clear sign that the subconscious mind tends to show people a clear violation of the comfort and the lack of harmony within it.And if you had a conflict with a loved one, then the next morning anxiety is increasing.On interpretation of a dream, and that's what dreams quarrel with his girlfriend, it will be discussed in this article.

what psychologists say?

Today there are many interpretations of a wide variety of dreams and sometimes they are fundamentally different from each other.There will be revealed itself the cause and meaning of nocturnal experiences of our subconscious.

Primarily, awoke, we should recall the cause of the conflict, to understand what dreams quarrel with his girlfriend.Next - accept each of the parties to a misunderstanding, because you and the interviewee wanted something to convey to each other.Perhaps the inner experiences or simmering questions trying to find a way to your dreams.If you try to understand the source of negativity as a reality and a dream, it is possible to solve the problem and stop dreaming such dreams.

recurring dreams for a long time can carry with it some sort of trauma, perhaps from childhood.Thus, it is useful to recall pictures from their past, and the problem may solve itself.

Interpretation sleep

To understand what it means if the dream of a quarrel with a friend, you must look at the emotional side of the dream.If in real life really was a conflict, then mentally you are constantly returning to these memories and relive them.Perhaps, soon to be an important conversation with a friend.In order to draw the right conclusions and to prevent new errors, the subconscious is trying to help you make the right decision on a friend.Thus, it is difficult to understand their own relationship with her, and then it becomes clear what a dream fight with his girlfriend.In the event that there was no conflict, such a dream can warn of possible disorders with loved ones.It should also be attentive to their emotional calm, as your temper can bring them mental suffering.

What portends a dream?

downers Some argue that dreamed quarrel bring peace and tranquility in a relationship in real life.That is, everything is exactly the opposite.If a man dreams that he is only watching girlfriend quarrel with a third person, and he does not take part in it, the reality is can mean evasion of their professional duties.Perhaps at work brewing conflict over its failure to perform any important matters.Moreover, it is known to whom had this dream.It is not necessary indulgent treat this dream, because it may be a warning.

man by asking about what a dream fight with a friend, can expect a flash of passion between them.Sometimes a dream foretells a change in personal relationships, and warns of dizzying turns in life.This may be so unexpected that the two sides will be surprised this turn of events.

What a dream fight with ex-girlfriend?

sometimes conflict with a close friend is a possible opening of the unpleasant facts that people do not even know.Especially if your opponent acts in the role of a former girlfriend.This means that the outstanding cases, once left unattended, try to find a way out and waiting for their speedy resolution.

also many interpreters of dreams claim that dreams former girlfriend gossip and problems in his personal life.But this does not exclude the fact that the earliest possible resolution of long-standing conflict and restore their former relationship.It all depends on the emotional component of sleep - those contentious issues that dream.

Female sonnik

If this dream is a dream of a married woman, this is clearly predicts possible conflicts with a spouse, to resolve which need a lot of mental strength.All interpreters are advised - is to have patience and be more compliant in the relationship with her husband.It should also be attentive to their words and deeds.

other downers, which, incidentally, many argue that if a woman dreams of a conflict with a friend, in real life we ​​should expect a wide variety of troubles.This may be an argument, which points directly to the dream, other problems appear as if from nowhere.

To understand what a dream fight with her best friend, you must carefully to understand the relationship with her reality.This dream is a warning of a possible violation of good links and tells you how to behave in real life.

Thus, we can understand what a dream fight with a friend, but if you carefully look into the relationship with her reality.In a situation where the friendship is strong and reliable, do not worry about such a dream.Otherwise worth a closer look to a loved one and to be careful in dealing with them.