How to make the wedding night to remember for a lifetime.

Dear newlyweds, do not assume that the wedding night is something conditional, even if you marry after a long cohabitation.First you need to spend the night together, so that it became an unforgettable, and it will require meticulous preparation.It is better to find out in advance each other, who are no surprises waiting for the night to make it a dream come true for both partners.

pleasant surprise will be the first wedding night in the hotel, because there will decorate a room of your choice.A change of scenery for those who lived together before the wedding, fill the night with pleasant emotions and impressions.It makes it more unusual and different from all those nights spent together.And then it does not matter where you remove the room - the hotel of the city or the countryside, most importantly, a beautiful interior design.

But you can add a touch of romance, even in his apartment on a long-tested bed.Lower the blinds, arrange flowers and light the candles, and the marriage bed of love osypte petals of red roses.By the way, make it possible to ask her friend, right in front of your arrival.And if the wedding took place in the summer, you can come up with something interesting on the river or rent a boat.All that matters in the financial possibilities of the newlyweds.

If you decide that your wedding night will take place in your own home or apartment, then you can replace the already overexposed bed, for example, a waterbed.And the room itself impregnate exciting fragrances of essential oils.And, of course, do not forget to beautifully decorate the table beside the bed and put on his wine, champagne, chocolate, fruit and whipped cream.

Sad but true, according to statistics, 50% of the newlyweds on their wedding night engaged in counting money and photo gifts, donated by visitors.According to all the same statistics, 20% of newlyweds go to bed immediately after the triumph, and 5% are fighting with guests and relatives.It turns ugly and bad, and most importantly, there will be nothing to remember in the future.Because dear newlyweds do not need to make your wedding night passed as an ordinary day.It browse gifts and count the money you can and on another day, exactly as, and sleep, and fight.Wedding night - especially at the start of a new family life, because is to treat him with dignity.

way, you can come up with an interesting program for the spouse, where the bride will perform as a stripper, strip dressed in clothes under her wedding dress.Imagine the surprise of the groom?

program might look like.You go in the room or in the hotel room, it sounds quiet romantic music that you kiss and slowly move up to the bed.When my husband put off your wedding dress, sharp turns on the music and you strip, pushing her husband on the bed, erotic dance for him.Of course, as you know, for such a program need help from the outside, because it is necessary to think in advance.

But the most amazing wedding night, will be held in place with fabulous nature.It could be the corners of relatives, but you can go abroad.Here, for example, the wedding night in the Caucasus exactly newlyweds remembered forever.There you can not only spend their honeymoon in an environment clean and beautiful environment, but also to get acquainted with the traditions of the local people.To help, the Caucasus girls marry virgins, and evidence held after night, the groom makes a bloody sheet.The honor of the family proves to marry the girl.Probably, hence the tradition of celebrating the second day of the wedding, because earlier in Russia, too, took out a sheet of the newlyweds to the table guests.And after proof integrity of the bride, all happy to celebrate this fact.