Wedding Hairstyles with braids - fresh and original

Wedding is the most solemn event in the life of any girl.In this day and dress and hairstyle - everything should be beautiful and match the style.Hair has always been considered a decoration of the fair sex, and long hair - it's a great opportunity to make a wedding hairstyle luxury - because the bride at a wedding should be the most beautiful.

options for creating wedding hairstyles so much that it is difficult to stop something.But you can experiment with hairstyles in advance and choose the most successful version, because it is a unique structure on the head should be not only beautiful, but also convenient and most importantly - reliable, as no wedding is complete without competitions and dancing, during which you can damage it.Now in vogue braids or weave elements.Wedding Hairstyles with braids look not only beautiful, but also give the bride femininity and innocence.

There are a variety of ways of weaving and styling braid.Girls with an oval face was just lucky - because they can use any wedding hairstyle with elements of weaving.For a round face you need to style your hair high, to visually lengthen the face and the sides need to leave straight strands.Toupee pryadochkami cover also problematic ears.Chubby brides can braid one or a few braids, raising the hair on the crown.

If a person is rectangular, in this case, the hair should be straight lines and flirty curls will help soften the face.Girls with this type of person, too, can recommend wedding hairstyles with braids.It will look good braid, laid back soft roller in the middle of the neck, that is the bulk of the hair is focused on the line of the ears.Smooth bony face triangular shape, you can use this simple method as a combination of wavy and straight strands, for example, the combination of a straight bangs and beautiful curls.It is very suitable for this type of facial hair, covering his ears.In no case should not combed her hair back on the sides.Ideally suited for this type of person braided carelessly tied back hair braid, from which knocked out and close your ears lovely curls.

Wedding Hairstyles with braids suitable for square face.Well mitigates this type of person the original French braid, beautifully framing the face and lift the hair above the forehead line.Short hairstyles with braids options can be combined with a short veil, and long braids - long or multi-tiered veil.Instead, you can wear a veil on her head a garland of silk or natural colors.Preference is better, of course give artificial flowers as living may wither.In addition, the color of silk flowers can be combined perfectly with the dress.

Wedding Hairstyles with braids are sometimes decorated with pearls and feathers.It looks spectacular in braids flower - living or made of silk.Some brides weave hair ribbons that adorn the hair and make it unusual.Usually half of hairstyles made from long hair if you do not include a braid, then at least a simple weave.If your hair is not very thick or short - can be made from the hair toupees.

In case the focus is not on her hair and on her dress, simple wedding hairstyles suit, without any decoration.If the bride can not by itself achieve harmony to create an image, you can seek the assistance of high-class hairdressers and stylists, but in this case, will have to spend a lot of money.

at his own wedding she should look the most beautiful bride.And help her in this beautiful, original and exclusive hairstyles with braids.