Wedding gift: choose the soul

Wedding is one of the most exciting and anticipated events in life.It was a childhood dream of all girls and young people, imagining his future elect.And, of course, all the pre-planning every detail at her wedding.And this fabulous day want everything to be like in my dreams.The bride is nervous because every little detail, the bride still in doubt, and invitees tormented by the question, whether the newlyweds enjoy their wedding gift.

This article is devoted to the subject of gifts.Here you will find useful tips and advice.

From the beginning, choosing a wedding gift, it should be remembered that it is a holiday not one but two people, a new family holiday, so do not buy anything just for the bride or groom only.In this case the ideal appliances.This will further help a young family, and perhaps of you will remember with gratitude every day.So it will be, for example, if you give the bride and groom washing machine or microwave.But if the funds are not enough, you can buy iron or blender.

As a wedding gift you can offer and what some of the dishes.So, if you are not able to spend a lot of money, you can buy in the store a set of two cups, which together form the heart, or simply complement each other.I do not like the idea of ​​cooking utensils?Give the names of the newlyweds towels or bathrobes.Well, in general, of course, the best wedding gift - money.

If the bride - your sister, then there is required a special approach.Of course you know her taste, she likes, what spirits prefers what cosmetics, underwear and so on.. However, all this can give her a birthday present.A gift for my sister's wedding to be original and unique.

First you need to take note that the sister is better to give a gift a few days before the wedding.This can be a hike in SPA-salon, fee hairdresser or makeup artist.Remember that a present should express your love and care for a loved one, therefore, as a gift for my sister's wedding, perfect bachelorette party you organized.Think about the guest list, some food and some drinks will be at the party, talk to close friends and sisters arrange her unforgettable and original pajama party.Of course, do not overdo it.It is not necessary to call a stripper, jumps out of the cake, it can not like her sister.

If you do not have time to organize a holiday, give her sister a digital picture frame to your children's and youth pictures.Certainly, the memory of the merry days of childhood and youth is the best gift for her.

If you are invited to a celebration nurse or other person close to you, then surely it would be best for a wedding gift with their own hands.Think of everything that you are fond of as a child - in drawing, embroidery, applications, and so on. D. Turn on the imagination and go!

fans draw can be offered to take the next original gift: Sign and paint varnish above the very circles that make up a whole.Do not like the idea of ​​a mug, then you can paint trays, linens, kitchen utensils, etc.

can not draw and your hobby - sewing?Then sew the young bed linen, kitchen towels, beautiful plaid with their photos, pillows and so on. D. I'm sure the couple will be nice to get a gift for the wedding such a thing in which you have invested their labor and part of his soul.

course, choose a gift for a wedding is not easy at all.However, no matter how valuable it was not, remember that it should radiate the care, attention and interest in the new young family.It is not necessary to give a tenth tea set or the fifth iron.Should think about what kind of wedding gift would be nice to get the young.