Tin wedding

Tin wedding - so popularly called the eighth anniversary of married life.Shining is a thin plate and at the same time very durable refractory metal, which due to their properties are widely used in everyday life.Of course, the tin is not very beautiful and high cost, however, do without it very difficult.Relations between the spouses have lived together for eight years, like this metal - they also were tested for endurance and strength.Husband and wife have already managed to adjust to the peculiarities of each other, got common interests and make your home warm and cozy.And their tin shine recalls that the most warm and loving relationship from time to time need to be updated.Tin wedding has another name - the poppy.This beautiful flower is a symbol of the fact that the feelings between husband and wife who have been married for 8 years, should remain as vivid and passionate, at the beginning of dating!Therefore, on the festive table must necessarily be a place for spouses baked cake with poppy fillin


traditions and customs tin wedding

If we look at folk traditions, which is rich in tin wedding, you can find a lot of very interesting and unusual customs.For example, earlier in the day it was decided to drink brew - it is that it helps to get rid of all ills and troubles that have enough in daily life of each family.Traditionally, tin wedding celebrated noisy and fun, do not overlook the invitation to a celebration of neighbors, relatives and friends.Those who are not invited to the festivities organized on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of a joint life, could easily join him.To do this they had to dress up in costumes of bride and groom, decorate your fingers with special tin rings and freely pass for the festive table.But for this they had to entertain and amuse visitors with the heroes of the festivities during the holiday.Another unusual ancient custom was the fact that the gate was exhibited a large bucket of vodka or moonshine, and everyone was invited to a holiday or simply passing by could drink to the health and well-being "tin young" bucket fiery water, then throw in standing next cuptin copper coin.But the night before the eighth anniversary of the wedding the couple went to the stables and left on the floor a little tin plate.It was believed that if the plate comes a horse and leave her imprint of his horseshoes, the marriage will last a very long time!Such a happy plate taken in and stored as a valuable family heirloom.

What to give for a wedding tin

Gifts and greetings with tin wedding is best to try to reconcile with the theme of the celebration.Spouses can present a variety of objects made of tin: utensils, products for home appliances, and even sweets (cookies, tea, coffee, wine or whiskey) in tin boxes.You can also give the various electrical appliances, sparkling kitchen utensils (not necessarily a tin), and everything related to home and comfort.Lovers of jokes and jokes can come to the wedding with congratulations and present spouses gag cans of canned food or drinks (can be as much as 8 pieces - one for every passing year) and the "picture" or crafts made of beer or cans.Of course, such a gift is only relevant in the case of full confidence in the fact that the heroes of the festivities have a good sense of humor and be able to evaluate such a rally.

believed that the tin wedding - it's a good excuse to upgrade the home environment, such as cosmetic or major repairs, buy new furniture or appliances.Thus the family nest filled with comfort and will become even more warm and welcoming.Therefore, the gifts can be linked with plans to change.