Can be godparents of a husband and wife?

proposal be godparents - is a sign that you are recognized as worthy to educate the new man, only came into being, in Christian morality.That means that parents-your religion is not in doubt.But increasingly, the number of godparents for one child becomes a stumbling block between the parents and the church.How many should there be?Can be godparents of a husband and wife have one child?How do spiritual parents can be a person?

question whether there can be godparents of a husband and wife at the same time, tormented minds of Orthodox people and causes the debate, even in religious forums and debates between ministers.According to the Orthodox canon, to the ritual was considered perfect by all the rules, just a receptive spiritual parent - for male infants is to be godfather, and for girls - the godmother, respectively.Second Cross does not have to be, it is only at the request of parents.

Orthodox priests heated debate on the subject.Definitely can not be godparents only the mother and the father of the child.From the perspective of opponents of the cross to the husband and wife were married for real, spouses after marriage is a single entity, and if both of them are godparents - is wrong.But it can not become an obstacle for them in baptism different children from the same family.Supporters of that couple can be godparents, appealing to the fact that the Holy Synod made a clarification in the decree of December 31, 1837 They talk about the fact that only one godfather missal according to gender godson, that is no reason to believegodparents Persons held in any spiritual kinship, and therefore forbid them to marry each other.

possible to formulate an answer to the question of whether there can be godparents, husband and wife, as follows.If their marriage is registered only in the registry office, and the church was consecrated, it is likely, the priest of the Orthodox Church would not object to recipients of both the spouses began to baptism, because the laws of the church, their marriage is not sealed in heaven.The same applies to the following cases when the parents can be spiritual - godparents, husband and wife may enter into a marriage after baptism, and still remain at the same godparents.

Modern parents, of course, want to godparents were close to the family of his godson, and select recipients from among friends and relatives.Average number of godparents at the ceremony - two heterosexual man.Seldom who manages one of the cross.The reason for this lies not so much in the spiritual as in the material aspect.Christening impose on parents' religious duties, not only religious and educational, but also the material - for example, they should congratulate the spiritual child with the holidays, which means to give gifts.And, of course, considered more successful godfather or godmother, the better for the child.

in the outback with the question whether there can be godparents, husband and wife, the situation is even simpler.Often in the villages can be encountered even with the tradition of four or more Kum.They choose two or four couples, and did not bother with such matters - it's right or not, in terms of religion.But if questions of orthodoxy are important to you, it is better, of course, consult with the priest, and then choose the godparents.And the best thing is not to choose them on the wallet and the heart.Indeed believers, even being godparents of the rite, always support your child in a difficult moment and send it to the right path, and whether they will be husband and wife, not so important.For your child and spouse godparents will automatically be godfather.