Who are Rastafarians, and what is the feature of this subculture

Subculture "Rastaman" most people associate with drugs (mainly cannabis) and reggae music.In fact it is over, which appeared at the beginning of the last century in the Caribbean - more than hemp and music.But those who associate rastamanov drugs and reggae, partly right.

representatives of this culture tend to stand out from the crowd with simple but colorful garments.Their main symbols - a sheet of cannabis, dreadlocks (according to legend, when the end comes the light, it is for them to be recognized and saved all Rastafarians in the world), sometimes knitted caps in 3 colors: red, yellow, green.

Subculture is generally considered harmless, but still belongs to the world community of its adherents with some concern because their drug use.That is essentially Rastafarian - a person who cultivates and uses hemp, listening (and promoted among the masses) reggae, trying to comprehend the meaning of life without causing harm to others at the same time.In other words, the people of this peace-loving, good-natured, but very kind.

After asking the question of the man in the street who are Rastaman difficult to obtain unambiguous (and even more so - correct) answer.Most people perceive them as idlers and drug addicts who burn their lives unnecessarily.

Generally, this ideology originally appeared in Africa as a protest against the US democratization.But over time, it is so evolved that remained from the previous rastamanov only symbols.Modern representatives of this movement in the main, in addition to philosophizing, smoking marijuana and playing drums, no busy.

Those who do not know who the Rastaman, and sees them for the first time, they can seem quite aggressive (perhaps because of the bright colors in clothes and hairstyles cause), but this is misleading.Beyond these features in a given culture, as in any other, have their restrictions.In particular, its representatives are prohibited from smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol (they are limited to marijuana).In addition, real Rastafarians are not alien things and do not eat food prepared by others.They do not drink cow's milk, do not eat pork and salt, as well as shelled fish and no shellfish.

in post-Soviet society recently learned who the Rastaman.Many young people immediately tried to join to this stream, but due to the rather superficial understanding of the values ​​and philosophy of the current is limited only by the majority of dreadlocks, colorful hats and smoking cannabis.

true prophet for all Bob Marley Rastaman is, not only because of their music, but also because of attitudes.Texts of his songs are often cited representatives of culture, translated into various languages, paraphrased, and so on. D.

In general, if we consider this trend as a religious (there is even a relevant religion - Rastafarianism), it is rooted in Christianity, andIslam and Judaism.For true rastamanov it really is not just a way of life or a pastime, but a real religion.

Besides drugs, reggae, colorful clothes and dreadlocks, representatives rastafarianstva there are lots of positives: the belief in a better future, getting the most out of life today (rather than leaving all the best for tomorrow, as do many).So for those who do not know who the Rastafarians, the answer might be: this is a happy cheerful people with a kind of philosophy, the cult of marijuana, reggae and Bob Marley.