How to celebrate Valentine's Day in the office

You're going to work on the young and perky staff, and you have decided to celebrate Valentine's day in the office?It is simply wonderful!But that's a good idea to consider a scenario in advance of Valentine's Day in the office and to follow him in the future, leaning on a small impromptu.

decide to start in what the study will cover the tables.In the same and decorate.Hang balloons in the shape of hearts, streamers, cut out of colored paper white doves and red hearts.

table Serve disposable dishes for the holidays, now a choice of dishes in any supermarket is very wide.Do not forget about the disposable tablecloths.Do not use ordinary office utensils and cloth tablecloths, because then all that stuff will have to be cleaned and washed.A disposable dishes can be wrapped in the same disposable tablecloth and thrown like garbage.

menu can make all together and agree on who prepares it and brings home to the office.Or you can order everything in the restaurant or the nearest coffee shop.

Regardless of whether you arrange competitions - prepare for every employee a small souvenir or postcard (can be found on the shelves of quite neutral cards for Valentine's Day).If

scheduled competitions, prepare prizes.

His forces organize holiday mail.From the square box vivid Construct a box with a hole for letters and all day to collect his messages to each other.The most original messages can be read at the table, if the recipients do not mind.

It is appropriate to make a fortune-telling: "tell fortunes me, Valentine!" This divination using a flower pot with soil, which put the branch, and it hung hearts inscribed with the predictions of the type: the next week your case will go to the mountain, soon your fatecool change, you meet your fate in the queue to the toilet, etc.Anyone who wants to get a prediction, blindfolded and he cuts himself one heart with the prediction, then read aloud.

It is worth thinking about the presence of the photographer, or just bring a camera, which will be photographed and photographed everyone.And if the festival would still video camera, then later for a little money you make from the footage to a short film about how you celebrate Valentine's Day.

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