How is long-term blow to the long hair?

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Each winner straight long hair dreaming of beautiful curls.Such is the nature of women: to desire what is not.Fortunately, most desire to be incarnation.How to make curly hair, we came up with a very long time, but all of these methods anyway harm the hair.

The best option is considered to be gentle and long-term blow to the long hair, as it is called professionals - carving.This procedure was invented by German stylists well-known company for the production of all kinds of products for salons and hairdressers.Since then, it has gained popularity among women.

now do not need to wind the whole night to spoil the hair curlers and perm.For any long-term approach of hair styling.For long hair, it is particularly suitable.At the same time the hair does not become rigid, on the contrary, become soft and silky.

carving whole procedure is as follows.Barber examines the state of the hair, and then picks up a special structure modeling tools.Next you define the size of the curlers, depending on what I want to get curls.A special feature of this procedure is part of the means, which is used to fix the curls.We can not say that it is completely natural, a certain proportion of the chemicals still present, but it is incomparably low.The main part consists of natural extracts of keratin, which allows us to give a means of healing properties.Because of this and gained its popularity long-term hair styling.Price carving depends on the length of the hair: the longer - the more expensive.

Do not be afraid to do a procedure on a lifeless clarified hair, because their condition will only improve, and the color will remain the same.This hair will become noticeably more well-groomed and neat.Long-term salvation styling long hair is and split ends.After all, for processing using a special tool.After that they are permanently protected from the damaging factors and whipped.

very important, followed by thorough hair care.It was on its quality depends largely on how long can hold on styling.The main thing is not to use any means of rectifying after the procedure, since all efforts will be in vain.After washing your hair definitely need to make a nourishing mask and apply a balm.

Long-styling long hair is held from 6 weeks.Many do not recommend using too weighting means for laying, such as gels or foams.After all, under their weight curls can be straightened.The perfect solution to this case will light sprays that give hair shape.

very much like a long-term installation.Large curls to create a romantic image, give its owner the ease and lightness.If you want something to change in appearance, it is worth to try carving.This friendly and fast way to change the image and feel in a different role.