How to Make Ringtones for the Iphone

newly minted iPhone owners are increasingly faced with the problem of downloading a ringtone to your mobile device.As you remember, a few years ago, it was enough just to throw the desired ringtone, and then set it as an incoming call.But the rules of Apple are such that a downloadable song should be strictly in the format M4R - another chance to pass "face control" of the iPhone does not.

Of course, this does not mean that now you'll have to settle for only built a collection - it is quickly bored.Of course, change the means of communication we do not offer.All that is needed in this case - is a special software to work with audio files.For example, user-friendly audio editor on the Russian "AudioMASTER" , which we are reviewing today.

Supported formats

First and foremost, it should be noted that in this compact utility - is to support the most popular audio formats: WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC.You can process and save files in any of them, are pre-set bitrate and other parameters.And what about the ringtones, you ask?

The program has a function to create ringtones to instantly convert any track in the above-mentioned contact format M4R.The one that you want to play on your iPhone.A small window will prompt you to select the desired time cutting - up to 40 seconds.The resulting ringtone can repeatedly listen and make changes.Some of them read on.

effects processing

Multiple audio editing capabilities help make the ringtone sound more interesting.Effects such as voice changes and the addition of echo can drastically transform whatever track.For a couple of clicks you can make a voice "telephone", dilute it notes alien, mutant or a robot.If necessary, you can hang it on a mountain or forest echo.

In our opinion, the most inventive effects editor - is the creation of atmospheres.Perhaps you will want to add to the audio file sound airplane taking off, bells, snow crunching steps on a frosty day, etc.Each themed sound will be available for listening to direct application.

Apart from opportunities enrich a music track, one can not ignore the possibility of improvement.Agree, the song may be some interference, noise, voice can interrupt the arrangement or vice versa.In the end, it may be difficult to hear or not words are legible.In this case, the aid will come very familiar to all music professionals a thing - an equalizer.Raise or lower the sound level of a certain frequency which is responsible for a particular preset (noise suppression, it legible), you can quickly and easily get rid of any defect recording.

What else offers AudioMASTER

And a few words about what we can please AudioMASTER.Firstly, it is extracting audio from video - a nice and useful feature, as soon as possible allowing to pull the desired audio track from the available videos.The program recognizes a wide variety of video formats.If you are not interested in all the audio, but only part of it, you need to specify a particular time period in the settings.

also willing to put plus the developers for feature grab music from a CD.Experienced sound engineers still working with audio carriers, preferring them to the popular online music downloads.

So, let's sum up.To create a ringtone for your iPhone in the "AudioMASTER" just convert you are interested in melody format M4R.Simple and intuitive interface will help to do this in a matter of minutes.Also, the utility performs a number of other quality problems - from imposing fun effects to save songs from a CD.This audio editor is quite able to win more than one generation of users, because it is simple and versatile use.