What is a presentation?

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When existing methods to present information clearly and entertainment, not to use the enormous potential of modern technology - an unforgivable mistake.Even in the most shabby universities provide students to present their ideas presentation.What is a presentation?Values ​​of a few.There are at least two - the technical bottleneck and communicative widespread.

Learn Science itself ...

What is presented in a narrow sense?It is a well-defined sequence of slides (with multimedia), which represents a particular topic on which a schoolboy, student, manager or employee should report.Finished presentations are found in large quantities in the network.Should I use them?In the natural sciences - no, better to do.Here you will not only learn the material, but also learn how to work with the program for yourself that for the future - a very good skill.So do not look for presentations on biology, chemistry, physics, and make themselves better.Science - the basis of intelligence, humanitarian - common development.On overall development does not always have the time, intelligence is to work constantly.

general sense

What is presented in a broad sense?It is the very concept of the data to the public with the use of computer tools or without them.Widely speaking, the presentation - this is your making a presentation in public.How to prepare?

Technique training

inexperienced reporter should know that improvisation can afford only the professor with thousands of hours of lectures behind.Members also must prepare thoroughly.It would be good practice before the mirror, in an ideal - to remove the video to discern all the annoying habits.At the same time, and the duration will know fairly accurately.It is particularly important to study the transitions from slide to slide, that there were no hitches.Do not take the place of speaker text of his speech.Draw only a brief reference circuit.In this case, will not create the effect of reading the rapporteur.Peeping into the text immediately "off" listening.

Breakfast speaker

now about things that seem minor.Avoid carbohydrate meal before the performance because the burst of energy from this food very quickly gives way to fatigue, podgadat same time to take a carbohydrate food, due to the unpredictability of the performances of others, it is very difficult.Therefore, eat lean protein foods - cheese or chicken breast.You can drink coffee with milk, but without sugar.The state of health is good, and even to the same protein food helps concentration.

Eye to eye

What is the effective presentation?This performance, in which everyone feels that the speaker was addressing him directly.How to achieve this?You need eye contact.Almost every.Constantly moving eyes of the audience.Mentally contact with each listen to you.And do not look scared.You should just luchitsya happiness that you listen to, and people will like your presentation.

Training, nutrition, contact with the audience - and your presentation impressive.It's a great skill - to be able to present themselves and their work.He will certainly come in handy.