Role in modern society Biology

role of biology in the modern reality is difficult to overestimate, because it is a detailed study of human life in all its manifestations.At present, this science brings together important concepts such as evolution, cell theory, genetics, homeostasis, and energy.Its functions include the study of all living things, namely the structure of organisms, their behavior, and the relationship between them and the relationship with the environment.

value of biology in human life becomes clear if we draw a parallel between the main issues of life of the individual, such as health, nutrition, and the choice of optimal living conditions.Nowadays there are many sciences, which separated from biology, becoming at least as important and independent.These include zoology, botany, microbiology and virology.Of these, it is difficult to single out the most important, they are the most valuable set of fundamental knowledge accumulated by civilization.

in this field of knowledge worked outstanding scientists, such as Claudius Galen, Hippocrates, Carl Linnaeus, Charles Darwin, Alexander Oparin, Ilya Mechnikov and many others.Thanks to their discovery, especially the study of living organisms, there science morphology and physiology, which brought together a knowledge of the body systems of living creatures.An invaluable role in the development of hereditary diseases played genetics.

Biology has become a solid foundation in medicine, sociology and ecology.It is important that this science, like any other, is not static and is constantly updated with new knowledge that is transformed into a new biological theories and laws.

role of biology in modern society, especially in medicine, is priceless.It is with its help were found ways to treat bacterial and fast-spreading viral diseases.Every time when we reflect on the question of the role of biology in the modern society, recalls that it was thanks to the heroism of medical biologists have disappeared from the planet Earth pockets terrible epidemics: plague, cholera, typhoid, anthrax, smallpox and other equallylife-threatening human diseases.

can safely say, based on the fact that the role of biology in modern society is increasing continuously.It is impossible to imagine modern life without breeding, genetic research, the production of new food products, as well as environmentally friendly energy sources.

biology major importance is that it constitutes the foundation and theoretical basis for many advanced sciences, such as genetic engineering and bionics.It owns a great discovery - the human genome.This trend, as biotechnology, has also been created on the basis of knowledge, combined in biology.Currently, it is the nature of such technologies allow the creation of safe medicines for the prevention and treatment that does not harm the body.The result is not only possible to increase the lifespan, but also its quality.

role of biology in modern society lies in the fact that there are areas where its knowledge are essential, for example, the pharmaceutical industry, gerontology, forensic science, agriculture, construction, and space exploration.

unstable ecological situation in the world requires a rethinking of industrial activity and the importance of biology in human life moves to a new level.Every year we are witnessing large-scale disasters that hit the poorest state, and highly.In many ways, they are caused by the growth of the world population, unwise use of energy sources, as well as the existing economic and social contradictions in modern society.

This clearly shows us that the very survival of civilization is only possible if there is harmony in the environment.Only by adhering to biological laws, as well as the widespread use of advanced biotechnologies based on ecological thinking will provide a natural safe coexistence of all inhabitants of the planet, without exception.

role of biology in the modern society is reflected in the fact that it is being transformed into a real force.Through her knowledge possible prosperity of our planet.That is why the question of the role of biology in the modern society, the answer may be that - a coveted key to the harmony between nature and man.