Nick Vujcic: biography unbroken human

fantastic strength of spirit, a great desire to live and a sense of gratitude for all that he has ... That is how, in fact, Nick Vujcic, biography that touches deeply.This man is known for his will to win, the ability to overcome difficulties, as well as physical injuries, which could break the life of anyone.However, he not only did not give up, but also helps people around the globe believe in themselves, developing his God-given potential.

Nick Vuychich history: childhood

Nick Vujcic was born December 4, 1982 in Australia.In the light he appeared with terrible pathology: the boy missing limbs.When the father is present at birth, I saw that there was a shoulder without an arm, he ran out of the room.When the doctor came to him, he learned with despair that the child has no arms or legs.Four months young mother could not come to life and take the baby in her arms.Still, parents can not give it up, fell in love and began to educate.

Nick always tried to do everything on their own, wanted to be an ordinary child and refused to help.He had only one foot instead of his left foot, but thanks to this he learned to walk.It was his first victory since no one believed that the boy will be able to move independently.But Nick Vujcic, photos of which can be found in this article, learned to swim, ride a skateboard, lying on his stomach, write, and even to use a computer.He brushes his teeth yourself, shave, comb and talking on a cell phone.

In eight years, Nick Vujcic, tired of the constant ridicule in school (he went to a regular school), wanted to commit suicide.But the attempt to drown it stopped the thought of their parents and that they love it.And he decided not to give up, and never live a full life.Moreover, he set a goal: to inspire others by their example.And as we all can see, he has achieved it.

Nick Vujcic: biography of the great orator

graduating from high school, the young man entered the university.When he was nineteen, he was invited to speak before an audience.Duration of performances has been identified: seven minutes.But three minute hall crying, because Nick talked about the value of every human life, regardless of his physical condition.After the speech, a girl came up to him, hugged him and sobbed, and then thanked him for salvation: she was going to commit suicide.

Presentations Nick found his calling and since then began to travel around the world, gathering millions audience.He attended schools and universities, nursing homes and prisons.Number of performances for the year could reach 250. Nick became a professional speaker, traveled almost fifty countries.In India, he gathered a record number of students - 110 thousand people.

motivation from Nick

Nick Vujcic, whose biography - is a solid feat, teaches us to appreciate every moment, to be grateful to God for all that he gives, and it helps to overcome the difficulties."Laugh it rough," - says the speaker, calling his one foot of the legs.The questions from the children about his physical injuries, Nick says that it hurt him smoking.

his lecture Nick loves to end a history of falls and suddenly fall face down.But he recalls that everything in life happens, and you must find the strength to get up, even when they are not.Failure is not the end, if there is hope.And he said that strong support for it is faith in God, so he does not get tired of him preaching to his audience.

Life extraordinary man

Nick Vujcic, whose biography is considered in this article, considers himself a man perfectly happy.He has everything that is needed: favorite work (he not only speaks to the audience, he starred in the movie and takes part in a TV show), and loving parents.In his spare time, a great orator surfing, playing golf, fishing.

But recently he appeared second half.February 12, 2012 Nick, who lives in California, married.His choice was Kanae Miahare, which strongly supports the husband.The wedding was beautiful and touching, the bride beaming with happiness, because I believe that her fiance - a reliable support.A year later the wife of Nick Vuychich gave him a son.Kiyoshi James Vujcic - as young parents named the baby - surrounded by love and care.The boy was born completely healthy, weighing 3 kg 600 g and the growth of 53 centimeters.Instead of an epilogue

Nick Vujcic shows the world how much each person can achieve.He could not believe in themselves, to consider themselves a burden to the family and suffer from self-mutilation.But he took care of himself with God's help.And he became a support for millions of others, learn how to find a confidence and energy to implement the plan.And it does not need to be like other people.In fact, to be special - it's not so bad.