Strong prayer for the sick

Faith in a higher power was born a long time ago, at the dawn of humanity.For many millennia, we exist on this earth, conquered the ocean depths, the cosmos, the depth of soil.And anyway, as soon as the situation spiraling out of control, raising his eyes to heaven and begin to pray fervently hot and assistance.For it has not come up with humanity's nothing more prayerful words sincerely is addressed to God and the holy martyrs.Because it can bring medicines to deny technology, dedicated people.And only God always hears, stretch your hands, support, save.

Prayer to help the suffering

If you need any prayer for the sick, it is necessary to have a special collection.In it not only contains all the required text, but they are already allocated and subjective, depending on what kind of illness at which the most effective.It called the book "Prayer."

The index indicated that should be read with the headache that the deafness or migraine.Separately, it said first and second prayer for the sick - are common to all suffering from physical and mental ailments.Wear collection with you, it's a real ambulance at a variety of ailments.And even if you do not appear as icons, which are "prayers" are recommended, God and his assistant will not remain deaf to your needs.

«Save and mercy»

The Bible says that the Lord has left the people as the main reference to a "Our Father."Strings, most of us are familiar with early childhood, it can be used as a prayer for the sick.Plus her short but very capacious exclamation: "Merciful God, save, save and have mercy!»

very well and is effective 90th Psalm of Psalms.It is useful and should be read in any difficult situation, including under any serious illnesses.Generally, the Psalter - too precious book that should be required in any family.The poems collected in it, can be called a miraculous magic wand at any life "demands" (need).Therefore, any prayer for the sick from the collection more effective and acts of any medicine.

Explanation miracle

hard to say why.Many things are beyond human comprehension.Perhaps, a great role played by the Christian egrogor - strong spiritual power, which, like electricity, is charged every word in your prayers.After all, their people have spoken over the years, countless times.Therefore it accumulated so much positive energy of faith and hope in the prayer texts.

it is also the source of most of the miracle of ancient icons, monasteries and temples.For example, many of the faithful have repeatedly noticed that when prayer is offered for the sick parents or children to the images of the Mother of God or the healer Panteleimon, a man embraces a special thrill, and then he experiences peace, calmness and confidence that everything will be fine.

power of faith

Another important aspect is perhaps the factor influences the effectiveness of our requests to God.This sincere belief.In general, all the miracles of the Orthodox, including the first prayer of healing the sick, serve not only for the good health and a better life, but also to strengthen the faith, instruction on the right path, the evidence of God's power and might.

No wonder the Lord said: "Come to me, and I will give you rest!»