Prayer Tremithus Spiridon - a very effective remedy

Prayer for the believer - this is not just a formality.Prayer - a living conversation with God and the saints.There are so-called rule of prayer, but it is only a collection of recommended at different times of the day of prayer.Most often it is them and enjoy, but often to such a rule and add something of themselves in the situation.This can be a thanksgiving to God for successfully allowed the spiritual or material situation, the request for the health or repose relatives.

prayer for various needs

There is even a tradition to pray a certain saint with a request to solve this or that problem.For example, the Mother of God pray especially for the children.This is understandable, because she herself had a child, talk to her in person the woman, in her lifetime, cares and worries of the children would have been near and dear to her.That any woman willing to address with a plea for its Chad to other mothers.

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker pray often traveling.Because of his life known case as he saved a sinking ship, so any orthodox traveler always has an icon of St. Nicholas himself.

Help from St. Spyridon Prayer

Tremithus sounds in many homes.This is a wonderful saint!It helps in the most difficult situations that are seen quite hopeless.And it often seems that no miracle occurs, and - just good luck.Only believers know that really helped Tremithus Spiridon prayer.

Orthodoxy believed that spiritual issues are much more important than the material.On the problems of the world are praying only when it is a real disaster.This could be war, famine or plague epidemic, the epidemic there.Against this background, the request for a new apartment, salary increases or prosperous examination seems quite serious.

But prayer Spiridon Tremithus help in all these cases, the purely material.This holy pray the whole family about getting an apartment, and then pass the housewarming icons familiar to those praying, too.There is even a tradition to resort to this saint for problems with housing.Prayer Spiridon Tremithus of marriage is often heard and performed in the best way.

Amazing power

relics of Saint are on the island of Corfu in Greece.Modern people are miracles with great skepticism, but Spiridon Tremithus worship.His cancer is decorated with many gold lamps, which brought as a gift from grateful believers.But the most surprising facts can tell keepers cancers.The relics of the saint are the temperature of the human body.And most interesting is that in the holy regularly wears clothes.It seems that Spiridon prayer Tremithus health or other assistance to make it personally attend the needy.It seems that he is not always in the ruck, and walks around the island, and perhaps throughout the world, in order to help all those who pray to him.

Prayer Spiridon Tremithus - effective means, but we should not forget about gratitude, if able to get the requests made.In this case, it is necessary to go to the temple and ordered a thanksgiving service.True, thanks for all the blessings of the saints are not accepted, and God Himself.

Hierarch Spiridon Father, pray for us!