Briefings on workplace health and safety.

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Safety and Health is a system of requirements and measures aimed at protecting the health and lives of employees.It includes rehabilitation, medical and preventive, legal, organizational, technical, socio-economic measures.One of the essential components of the event are instructing employees on labor protection.Consider further detail, he involves.

Safety and Health: general concept

In the legal literature, the system is seen from the following positions:

  1. As a basic principle of labor relations.
  2. How complex legislation, regulatory and preventive technical, socio-economic, medical and preventive, organizational, sanitary methods and means that are aimed at ensuring safety in the workplace.

system components

Safety is a set of regulations and requirements aimed at ensuring optimum operating conditions.It also includes activities to promote the elimination of the factors that negatively affect the health of employees.The goal of TB appear:

  1. Security.
  2. health protection.
  3. Reduction of injury to the production to a minimum.
  4. Formation of technical and organizational measures to reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of harmful factors in professional activity in the company.

mentoring programs on occupational safety

familiarize staff with the rules is generally carried out, during the preparation of a special or professional education.There are also special editions, which describes the instruction in health and safety.The sample requirements for certain professions in enterprises also displayed on special stands as billboards.Events to familiarize employees with the rules are classified according to the time and nature of information.The frequency of briefings on occupational safety depends on the specialization of the company, the frequency of change or replenishment of the state and other factors.Introduction can be:

  1. introductory.
  2. primary on-site work.
  3. again.
  4. unplanned.
  5. Trust.

Feature events

Today the state pays great attention to ensuring adequate working conditions in the factories.In this regard, there are different briefings on workplace health and safety.The law provides for personal responsibility of the director for the formation of a proper working environment.Therefore briefings is one of the duties of the employer.Any familiarize employees with the requirements of acting as a form of education.

legislation enacted specific order instructions on labor protection.Such measures should be systematic.Instruction in the workplace occupational safety must pass all employees at all times during their professional activity in the company both in individual and collective form.This familiarization and training should be in any industry, regardless of the specifics of its activities.In large productions briefings at the workplace labor protection may be assigned to a specially prepared official.Head of the company by appointing the staff member, signed the corresponding order.

Who should be trained?

instruction in the workplace occupational safety as mentioned above, provided to all employees.These include, in particular, are themselves leaders.Particular attention should be paid to employees having a small (less than one year) length.As practice shows, this category of employees of the enterprise most vulnerable and most exposed to industrial injuries.Due to lack of experience, novice employees ignored a number of requirements.In many cases, this leads to extremely negative consequences.At the same staff with quite a big experience, it is also subject to industrial injuries.In most cases, this is due to their neglect of the rules.

important point

Head of the company shall in each case relating to industrial injuries, to conduct an internal investigation.The event should be identified causes of the accident are established officials.In fact the incident issued a corresponding order.Order of the head should be worked out with all employees.This procedure also acts as a form of training.

method of instructing the responsible person is established.Typically, the event is a form of a lecture, interview or explanation.In a special register must be fixed fact of learning.Responsible Officer and supervises the implementation of safety rules in the enterprise.

introductory training

Such instruction is provided for employees at the time of the adoption of their job.Training is carried out in such form and for those who are sent to the production or arrived for practice.Induction conducted by specialists (engineer) in PB and OT or a person which is entrusted with these duties by order of the head.

The training is recommended to use the technical means and visual aids.The briefing should cover all the issues that relate to the features of production in terms of health and safety.Upon completion of training is responsible for his person must make sure that the employee knows the main features of the company, the sources of possible accidents, the rules of conduct during an emergency.Employees who have been oriented should also be familiar with the warning signs and labels, warning systems that are equipped with the company, the order of the use of funds to extinguish.

primary measures

holding of such briefings is assigned to direct the heads of certain production activities.Education officers are:

  1. newly adopted by the company.
  2. transferred from other units.
  3. People starting a new activity.
  4. time.
  5. The visiting on business.
  6. passed by workshops within the framework of education (pupils, students).

review the rules are also builders who are temporarily employed in the company.The initial training program must include the issues present in the safety instructions and TB for the position (profession), as well as other regulations on the OT.Upon completion of training the person in charge checks the employee's knowledge regarding the characteristics of its activities, the rules of execution of official duties.Control can be done by polling.

Repeated training

This briefing includes lighting technology features activities associated with increased risk.Employees directly involved in this area are trained once a quarter, others - every six months.A review can be carried out collectively or individually with employees of one specialty.The purpose of this event is improving the knowledge of the staff on Health and Safety.In addition, repeated instruction is conducted in order to prevent violations of the requirements that were previously committed, strengthening of production discipline.

Education should address the technological aspects of certain duties, radiation, fire, nuclear, chemical TB, if the manufacturing process associated with these processes.During the re-instruction understand the situations in which there has been a violation of labor discipline, failure to comply with standards and requirements of TB are identified and the reasons of such cases.Upon completion of training the person in charge must ensure that employees are well aware of the rules.

Unscheduled events

Their implementation is entrusted to direct the management of production processes.Unscheduled briefing provided in the cases:

  1. changes in processes or equipment replacement.
  2. introduction of a revised or new regulatory documents.
  3. rights violations FROM.
  4. receipt of the request to do so from supervisors and state regulation.
  5. break in the enterprise more than a month for the high-risk industries and more than 60 days - for other types of work.

Unplanned activities are similarly repeated.However in this case special attention should be given to the reason for which they are held.Extraordinary events do not exclude repeated.

title familiarize

Such briefings carried out in the event that:

  1. activities performed by special order or together.
  2. are performed odd jobs that are not related to the employee's official duties.
  3. Running elimination of consequences of emergencies or disasters.
  4. involve employees in the implementation of any unplanned events.

Trust conducts coaching person defined as an order of the head responsible for that.


Carrying out any instruction must be recorded in the appropriate log.After the introductory, primary, repeat, unplanned teaching staff painted in the appropriate book.Conducting briefing target fixed in the permit and other documents by order of the management.