When Oleg birthday party?

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Oleg Name day on the church calendar falls on October 3rd.On this day greet men wearing this nice name.Let's look in more detail.

patron saint of Prince Oleg

Bryansk with the same name was canonized for deep unshakable faith, which has devoted a lifetime.By inheritance he had to reign in his domain.But the thought that serving the Lord requires of him a case.He founded the monastery of Bryansk.There, and spent his life monk.He is commemorated on October 3 so the Patron Saint of Oleg date falls on that day.Prince feat was that he was able to give up power and all relevant privileges.In the thirteenth century, it was quite unusual, and even incomprehensible to others step.Leave the high post and become a simple monk - a decisive act.Therefore, the name day is considered a holiday Oleg gentle but persistent man capable of action with a capital letter.Holy was sure that the physical benefits do not have such values ​​as spiritual.Therefore, the monastery was erected at his own expense.

When they began to celebrate the name day of Oleg?

St. read steel since 1900.First, the decision was made in Bryansk.Duma announced on October 3 in the afternoon did not trade.In those days, the holidays were not anything to do.In 1903, the commemoration day of the Prince of Bryansk entered mesyatseslov Russian saints.Since then, celebrated the name day of Oleg.I must say that the relics of the saint, who are now in the monastery were saved from desecration in the early 30s.Then they destroyed the church, destroyed the very concept of faith.Naturally, such a relic as sacred relics could be lost forever.From the times of unbelief and confuse them hid in the temple of Vedeno.But people involved in the "operation", vowed nobody open secret.Only in 1995, the secret was revealed.The holy relics were returned to believers.


Inductees Bryansk decided to admonish the holy relics.Boys ask for blessings for military service.In addition, any person whose fate is linked to the inverse service can come to the temple for advice and spiritual support.Oleg is the patron Saint of the military.Before monasticism he participated in military campaigns and made a lot of feats, known for his courage and bravery.

What is the name of Oleg?

Angel Day (birthday party) decided to celebrate gifts.But to choose the right, you need to know that the person will like.Let's look at how best to celebrate the name day of Oleg.It was believed that the so-called simple, reliable and loyal man.Is the name of: bright or sacred.The quality of this age are increasingly manifest.Therefore, Oleg will be pleasant greetings nemudrenyh, but with a pure sense;Gifts - comfortable, functional, without overtones.For example, you can just try to imagine what would have pleased the saint?Oleg, name of which you celebrate, most likely it will be grateful for such a gift.

How to congratulate?

Patron Saint of Oleg date falls on a fall day.He often gloomy and overcast.Therefore, it is desirable to add a few bright, joyful music in his words, addressed to the "bright" person.Oleg often are pessimistic.But they were silent serenity can be taken for unwillingness to communicate.This is not true.Give him some of his cheerfulness and gain a true friend.In his message to try a few sincere words to express the depth of their respect (or love).Ornate verbose messages are unlikely to impress Oleg.He prefer short but open words.Please note that by nature man Oleg eternal doubter.Not a word of greeting or gift does not have to push him to reflect on their true sense.When drafting the text, note cards innate intelligence Oleg and commitment to diversity.A loved one with this name you can give the product of amethyst and tourmaline.This is his stones that help to cope with disabilities.A good gift can be a little Oleg toy.Keep in mind that the boy prone to the influence of others.It is necessary to try to distract from the bad companies.The best remedy - take his mind.Oleg has enough imagination and logic.It certainly entice a new gadget or intricate puzzle.

Oleg contact your patron?

Angel Day - the best time to talk with his saints.Oleg is recommended to pray that the higher power helped him to overcome the inherent disadvantages.So, all the people with the same name consider themselves superior to others.This quality is almost always unpleasant to be around.Therefore the request for the granting of kindness and patience will always be for him to appropriate and timely.The feeling of superiority over others - a great feature, but it is not always necessary to show so clearly.It is not in vain Oleg Bryansk became famous for his humility.St. Behavior can set an example for his namesakes, and after many centuries.Oleg prosperous.Typically, angel protects him in this.If there are periods of stagnation or decline, the best way to develop business is spiritual communion with his saints.Few stop the running events, to look beyond the behavior can be precisely Angel Day.

interesting gift ideas for a loved

Oleg, you can choose something that will symbolize his name.Animal - snake.If you know her, Oleg, you will agree that his habits have something snake.Of course, living in a runner, not all will be present, but the present can be a mascot.It will be original, and "with the meaning".Fans can donate camellia plants.It is also linked with the name of Oleg.Modest flower can become not only a gift, but also a symbol of your relationship.In any case, it will remind Oleg about your feelings.Planet it - Venus.With this concept, too, can dream up.Especially when your relationship more closely just friendship.Just do not give Oleg alcohol.It is not customary in the holy days, and the man does not bring benefits.


Oleg - flatter, they say.It is believed that if the 3rd of October the wind blows from the south, we can expect a good harvest of winter crops.