Methods garter tomatoes when grown in open ground

Growing vegetables - fun.Vegetable growers-fans post on their sites a variety of cultures.But none of them is complete without a juicy and tasty tomatoes.The variety of tomato varieties for growing demand of individual approach to each of them.Low-growing species of tomato - compact shrubs that do not require special agricultural practices.But is it possible to resist the temptation of growing large-fruited varieties of tomatoes?They have an incomparable taste.But while these vegetables require more attention than the stunted counterparts.

There are many varieties of tomatoes tall.They vary in color and size of fruit, other than excellent taste.However, their growing - rather troublesome business.But for the sake of large-fruited tomatoes is to work hard.As a rule, the seedlings grow tall tomato growers themselves.For its landing ground prepare since autumn.For tomatoes require well-lighted areas with fertile soil.The beds are planning so as to be able to carry out the necessary agro-technical measures, under which can not do without a garter tomatoes.Novice growers-fans, performing fixing plants mistakes.

What is the correct garter tomatoes?Tall plants, depending on variety, and require regular pasynkovaniya fixing stem.The procedure garter tomatoes produce from 3 to 6 times per season.In this case agrotechnical methods performed for each plant individually.

spring transplanting tall tomato different from dwarf varieties.Bushes individual species can reach 1.5 meters in height.Therefore the plants are planted at a distance of 1 meter from each other.After planting tomatoes, pick the material for a garter tomatoes.

This requires, first and foremost, twine, which should be sufficiently soft and elastic.It should not be used for this purpose wire or fishing line.They can injure plants.Pegs for garter tomatoes must be of sufficient height, fairly strong.This is usually a wooden or metal stakes that can be used for several seasons in a row.Material for garter tomatoes ready.As the plant proceeds to their fixation.Do not be late with this.Bush, who touch the ground, exposed to disease and, as a consequence, are lagging behind in development and bad fruit.This will lead to the loss of crops and reduction in the quality of vegetables.Garter produce directly to the permanent pegs that will serve the plant all season.Lock bush tomato snap.Support set beside each bush.It should be strong enough.Fixing the plant should not be hard, and take into account the fact that the growth of the stem tomatoes will thicken.Garter tomatoes use a soft rope or webbing.Twine several times (figure-eight) wrapped stem of a plant and a peg.Then fix it on a peg.Between plants and peg forming a free loop which does not interfere with the growth of the plants.With the increase, a second garter tomatoes.

not less effective trellis method of growing tall varieties of tomatoes.To do this along the row to construct trellis planted seedlings.On both sides of the row set of metal pins.They are at different heights fixed several rows of twine.The younger the plant will be securely fixed to a trellis.

procedure garter tomatoes - a crucial moment in the cultivation of tomatoes, which should not be ignored.Caring growers used it not only for the tall varieties.Low tomatoes with this method of cultivation of less sick and give excellent yields.