Color Dreams - a sign of schizophrenia?

true that color dreams - a sign of schizophrenia?Let's analyze in detail this topic.

According to statistics, people, if you ask whether his dream in color or black and white, do not give a definite answer.This means that after a good rest concentration of our attention is reduced.The fact that the dream was colored, one can say only when he experienced in his process of strong emotions.For example, people who have seen the colorful dreams, often talk about how they were pleased and happy at the moment.


common point of view is the fact that there is some connection between the concepts of "color dream" and "schizophrenia".The fact that the ability to see colorful dreams present in humans, at activation of certain areas of the brain.According to statistics, these same areas are responsible for hallucinations and other mental disorders.

dispel the myths and find the truth

devoted to this theme a number of studies conducted in various hospitals around the world.The results showed that

the overwhelming majority of schizophrenic patients regularly see colorful dreams.Sign of a serious disorder - is the presence of other symptoms suggestive of a similar diagnosis.Patients were told that in addition to the usual dreams of colorful nature, they often see the same nightmares.According to surveys, in healthy people the amount confirmed at least one similar case is zero.

Based on studies conducted in the walls of psychiatric hospitals as well as outpatient methods, it was found that patients with diagnosed or people with borderline states see the complicated plot and frequent color dreams.Schizophrenia Symptom of this nature is not the only evidence of the disease.Symptoms also include attention span, inability to concentration, obsessions and status, poorly controlled patients, as well as many others which can be detected by special psychiatric tests.One of the components of the criteria in the process of drawing up a complete picture of the disease are colored dreams.Symptoms of schizophrenia such as symptom, however, is not considered critical.

disease or an advantage?

no secret that the majority of creative talent reside in the border state of mind that gives them inspiration and unconventional vision of ordinary things.Many of them have confirmed the diagnoses.Among these, there are also those who regularly see colorful dreams.Illness or an advantage of such a phenomenon - everyone sees in his own way.But one thing is clear: the creative success of most famous artists associated with mental health problems of varying degrees.

In certain cases, this is due to a more active one of the parts of the brain responsible for perception of the world at the same time and conscious activity.It happens so that the person does have a serious mental illness, or cause of death for it in the future is part of the tumor in the brain.Anyway, the work often borders on diagnoses.

may need professional help

Many experts say that a certain danger fraught with colorful dreams.Symptoms of schizophrenia (meaning that we consider the dream) by itself is not terrible.However, if such a symptom is accompanied by other, more serious, it means that one should certainly consult a psychiatrist.

For example, a woman who for a long time in a state of depression often experience outbreaks of aggression.At the same time she regularly sees colorful dreams.Symptom schizophrenia there.Although it can be considered a good dream discharge and the only source of positive emotions in their lives.There are at least three signs that may be symptoms of a mental disorder.If color dreams soon dramatically change their story from positive to negative or even aggressive, you should immediately contact a specialist.This peaceful course of the disease can last for 10 years of life.In this step, it is much easier to help treat or even human.If you do not take any effort, it can easily ruin your life and have a negative impact on the family.


becomes clear that every day in their actions and emotions we have shown what can be named one of the symptoms of major psychiatric disorders.For example, many do not suspecting anything wrong, see colorful dreams.Symptoms of schizophrenia, therefore, manifested in each of us, but without accompanying symptoms, is not considered as such.It should be remembered that a person, pleased with himself and the environment, positive mood, but I understand that in life can all happen, the chance to experience the whole "charm" above diagnoses minimal.Each has certain eccentricities, but few people actually hear voices in the middle of nowhere or suffering manic addiction, and thus regularly at night looks colorful dreams.Generally, a few symptoms of schizophrenia always appear together.Therefore, for their own emotional state to be watched.


Despite the stresses that accompany modern man every day, you need to find the time and energy to high-quality and high-grade rest.The nervous system, as well as the brain needs regular reboot.Otherwise, the entire body runs the risk of a burn in the event flow.It is necessary to pay equal attention to all areas of your life, then happiness would be more complete.