Website Monitoring: Control the operation of the site

So you have created your site, post it on the Internet, and the hype is not observed, but in your opinion, the site has turned out marvelously good.Why is this happening?To understand this, it is necessary to answer the questions: what is the purpose of creating your life as far as the information supplied to the visitor, interesting and useful to him comfortable he users, how easy is it to find it on request, always he is available if there is enough loads quickly and runs.

Rate the quality of the Web site, identify problems, weaknesses and correct them in a timely manner will help website monitoring, ie monitoring the status and development of the resource.

What exactly can be found in the monitoring web site:

  1. audience and geography of visitors and time spent on the site;
  2. words, references and phrases for which the site is located in the search engines by users;
  3. ease of movement through the pages;
  4. trouble spots in the content, structure, navigation and menus;
  5. evaluate the effectiveness of advertising;
  6. receive timely information about the failure in the work site, and so on. D.

All this will help to decide the direction of the work to improve the quality and performance of the site.After rating the resource depends on how quickly it is able to respond to the request in the search engines.There are tools that plug into the browser and offer options for improving the performance of sites after a detailed analysis of the code.

How to monitor the entire site?What tools should be used to gather the large-scale literacy statistics?

If necessary, monitoring can be carried out manually.Rather, eyes.It is justified when it is necessary to keep track of photos and advertisements.

In general, the charge is difficult and requires time and effort business needs to be automated service that, among other things, instantly alert you of problems with access to the site.

At this point in the Internet there is a great variety of services, both paid and free, offering a service resource monitoring.For example, Yandex metric, Website monitoring, Google Analytics ... If you wish, you can find more information about them in the expanse of the World Wide Web.

Website monitoring the current realities - not a luxury but a vital necessity if you are not indifferent to the fate of your child.