Hilary Duff: "It is better to give to tear his nails than sit on a diet!"

famous American actress and pop singer Hilary Duff (Hilary Duff) recently appeared in the May issue of Shape Magazine in 2015, for which co-starred in a photo shoot mode and gave an interesting interview.

star told reporters about his attitude to fitness and diet, a favorite food and clothing, and how she copes with aggression and resists pressure in Hollywood, you always want to look "one hundred percent".

27-year-old celebrity, single-handedly raising her 3-year-old son Luke, starred in fashion photo shoots, film and television, writes the new disks, create clothing, and even have time to deal with thousands of cases, but not forget about your own body.What are, according to Hilary, beauty secrets and happy life ?

First of all, the actress tries not to succumb to public pressure .

«Hollywood is very large," medium pressure "and are unwritten laws that star should always look perfect and all in time, - says Hilary.- You can see the supermodels who give birth, and a week later look like, and not pregnant.But all this - not for me, I try not to succumb to the pressure of society.So sometimes I feel fine, sometimes good, sometimes not, and that's fine. »

However, this does not mean that Duff did not look after themselves - it tries to maintain the optimum shape for this regularly engaged in fitness !

«I do not do every time some one group of exercises, - says the actress.- I go to workout three times a week and try to mix different types of exercise and physical activity.So, I'm doing with ribbons for fitness, weighted balls, CrossFit-ropes, even train with a special fitness with a sledgehammer!This not only helps me to be in shape, but to throw out the accumulated aggression, irritation, excess energy.My friends joke that when I'm with a sledgehammer, my way is better not to be. »

Unlike fitness, diet Hillary hates ."I eat like a normal adult woman, and give better snatch his nails than sit on this diet!- Exclaims Duff.- For me it is awfully hard.One day my sister Haley decided to go on a diet of baby food, but it's even sounded awful, and we decided not to. »

But that said star about his favorite treat :« The key to a happy life for me - it's cheese!In fact, this is a real problem, I absolutely can not resist such a temptation.In Beverly Hills, there is one cheese shop, so my car there every time, just like a magnet pulls.And my son Luca also likes cheese, we both just crazy about it! »

Told Duff and of their fashion tastes :« I - fan of denim!I'm in the locker room, probably more than 30 pairs of jeans, but to be honest, I do not wear all of them.Typically I use 8-9 pairs of jeans and change them.Favorite jeans - brand Frame, with holes in the knees, they are well drawn and perfectly fit a foot. »

Photo source: shape.com, fashiongonerogue.com