Is there an afterlife?

Throughout the history of its existence, people wondered intractable questions about the meaning of life and its own destiny, that awaits everyone after death.An exception may be except that the most primitive representatives of our race.But in those days of their life quality it was little different from the lives of animals.Think about the high our ancestors was simply no time, because in the first place was to survive in the harsh natural conditions.

When people are interested in the afterlife

Human psychology is complicated by the process of evolution, let's have more room for thoughts about eternity.In place of the primitive instincts gradually came higher experiences.However, it increased awareness of their own lives and what is important in this regard, - mortality.Now it is known that a fundamental principle of the culture originated not too long ago, about a hundred thousand years ago.That's when people started to mean more than the spiritual component.Along with the development of this side of life inevitably began thinking about life and death.

Death always followed the man frightened him, sounding like a terrible and violent phenomenon that is impossible to fight.At least, always produces the same outcome.Against this background, no wonder that the very first, critical minds and captivating mystery became the afterlife and the very prospect of its existence.Inquiring minds at all times trying to find evidence of such a truly comforting idea.After all, you agree to accept the fact that you once and for all die hard.Even realize the inevitability of the coming soon fail.It is much easier to take earthly shell as a temporary shelter for the spirit, which after go somewhere else.

modern view

To be fair, it is absolutely precise answer to the question whether there is an afterlife, it was not possible to get so far.Neither science nor religion can provide any concrete evidence to support the existence of "the other world".And it makes humanity continue the search.Development of culture, religions, related theories about the world order, of course, gave us the answer to this burning question.That's only in the teaching of each his own.Whom to believe that Buddhists firmly believe in reincarnation, whereas Christianity convincingly tells about heaven and hell?

religious ideas about death

However, there are some general ideas that unite all existing religious teachings.Firstly, each of them confidently responds that yes, there is an afterlife.This statement is fundamental, lies at the heart of any doctrine, and therefore can not be criticized.Religion itself is based on the division of the world into an otherworldly material and components.The latter can be attributed just the fact of life after death.

Another important statement in most religions states that man has a dual nature.One part - the body is a temporary vessel for the other part - soul.Obviously, the latter because of his eternity is immeasurably more important aspect of any individual.That it is necessary to protect and maintain, making the right thing.Death, in the opinion of all religious teachings, comes at the time of separation of the soul from its body shell.

In fact the latter are usually based most compelling evidence of the afterlife.A striking example of this can serve as the impressions of people who had experienced clinical death.Many then describe in detail the experiences and unusual sensations experienced at the time of cessation of cardiac activity.Until floating in the air, and unusual ease observation its fixed body side.

also often describes the classic tunnel and the distant light source.And this scenario is so common that it can only be viewed from two perspectives: either "the light" still there, so all and see one or the vision is based on a common stereotype.Rather, subconsciously waiting for the arrival of death, people provoke such hallucinations.After all, everyone knows that there must be a tunnel or even angels, it is worth thinking about it - here they are.

materialistic Another version says that the condition of patients affected by external stimuli.Not had time to fully recover from the anesthesia people could easily take brilliant surgical lamp for the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.The more that similar situations happen to us in a dream all the time.Loud knocking someone behind the wall, playing music or a cat pulls the hair - all of these stimuli in one way or another, are reflected in the content of dreams.