Who are the godfathers from the standpoint of spiritual commitment?

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who may be called the godfather (godmother)?Who are the friends?Virtually anyone will answer this question.Godfathers - a baby godparents to each other and to the natural parents.That is, this concept brings together all the people who are obliged to take care of life and bring up a child.

What obligations assume godfathers

According to ancient Christian custom, if the person has agreed to baptize the child, it becomes his spiritual guardian.That is, the friends do not only with the education of the child, but also to the communion of his faith.By choosing godparents previously treated very critically, I could not intermarry with the family "who anyhow."Such godfathers, on which it is impossible to rely spirited, were not welcome.The godparents chosen people responsible, positive, standing firmly on his feet.If the child remained an orphan, then take care of it godfathers deceased parents.And among all parents to set a friendly, almost family.Total child tied them into one strong unit, which was put to a great sin.

Who are the godfathers from a spiritual point of view?

That's four people who are burdened with obligations in relation to one child.Between them and the baby there is a spiritual connection that supports the souls of all the participants of the relations in this life and creates accountability to each other and to God for unrighteous things.For every sin godparents of their common child will be punished in the same way as their own children.And the unrighteous behavior godson will be responsible to all parents of both biological and spiritual.

how to communicate godfathers

If the tradition of spirituality is not very much respected in the present time, the holidays are still relevant.Kum necessarily invited to birthdays and other family events.Godson is obliged to congratulate the godparents with Christmas and Easter.There is nothing wrong with that created such close family ties between strangers.And the funny traditions help in this.There are situations when due observance of traditions (though not fully) people make friends for yourselves a reliable and loyal than blood relatives.And then there is the problem in a difficult situation to answer the question: "And then who will?" Such godfathers are always welcome, and the child is provided with a support for life.

cheerful attitude, to create comfort

For the child very well, if among all his parents established friendly and laid-back attitude.Of course, everything depends on the specific people, but in this area you can work, for the welfare of the baby.You can organize common holidays.For example, kumu not forget to congratulate the birthday and then to invite to a celebration.This will help make communication with your child's godparents closer and more trusting.If not stack with only one of the godfathers, that attract the child to create a warm situations.For example, with your child come up with greetings from the godfather godfathers.Funny ideas come to mind godson, be sure to implement together.Then communication with godparents he will, and a desire to communicate.