How to make the priest more than

say someone else's soul - darkness.It really is.A good example are the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.They spend enormous amounts of time in front of a mirror to find another flaw in their appearance.It is strange, of course, but the fact.This woman constantly follow fashion, trying to match her.Today, probably, everyone knows how to lose weight, but how to do more for the priest to give it palatability?That question became the main theme of the article, becausehe really cares for many women.

To start it is worth noting that there is no faster and more efficient ways to make the priest more than plastic surgery.However, not every woman would agree to an operation just to get the desired shape, and it is quite expensive.Therefore, we offer another option - a long and hard work on themselves.

Our priest has the gluteal muscles, which can be increased, as well as any other, with the help of exercise and physical activity.Regularly visiting the gym (3-4 times a week) with the help of special exercises any woman can rock the thigh and buttocks, which will give this body a rounded shape, firmness and a more attractive appearance.For better and faster results to the training (at least an hour) and then recommended to eat protein foods.

So what exercises are aimed at increasing the priests?The very first main and most effective of them - sit-ups.This will confirm any fitness trainer.Starting position - feet placed shoulder-width apart and your hands on the belt (for more results in hand, you can take any load).At the same time, slowly crouch as low as possible, so that the priest stood back a little bit.The lowest position should be slightly delayed (literally a couple of seconds).Squat be performed in two or three sets (17 times each).

Lead Foot ago - also a very good way to increase your ass.Perform it can be standing directly or on your lap.By selecting a suitable position, take the leg back, hold 15 seconds, and then return to starting position.

During training you can do lunges.This exercise should be done slowly, and you can use the goods, and you can do without it.

giving advice on how to make the priest more, some fitness instructors recommend to all the above exercises add one.Lying on his back, hands should pull along the torso.Legs should be raised up, bending at 90 degrees at the knees.Slowly lowering one leg, we must try to get it to the floor.It is important that the foot remains in a perpendicular position relative to the floor.Doing exercise is recommended, until you get tired.

It is said that after some time of regular workouts might seem as if the priest has become smaller.Perhaps it will be so.After all, under the influence of physical activity burn excess fat.However, worrying about it is not worth it.Continuing class, you ensure that the fat is completely gone, the priest becomes elastic and starts to grow gluteal muscles.

working on how to make the priest more important to adhere to certain rules in the diet.For example, it is best not to prefer simple carbohydrates and complex they are not so quickly recycled in fat and yet give the body a lot of energy.

should also no longer ride a bike, walk, hold morning and evening runs, jump rope.All this will help to improve the shape of your priests and maintaining its beauty.In conclusion I would like to remind you taking up exercise to increase the priests, it is important not to "throw" them, becauseit threatens the sagging muscles.