How to induce vomiting after eating?

In the human organism there are many vital processes, including gas exchange, blood circulation, digestion, and so on.Manage them one can not but have an impact on some of them it is still a force.This also applies to such slozhnoreflektornogo act like vomiting.During her body to urgently get rid of penetrating it with food or some other manner of poisons and toxins.But sometimes its own forces to regurgitate stomach contents, from a biological system is not enough.To learn how to artificially induce vomiting, discuss in this article.

Why do it?

First, let's understand that in some situations there is a need for an artificial call an attack of vomiting.Most often, it takes food poisoning.As soon as you feel the first symptoms of intoxication should be quickly rid the body of toxins containing food.Is it possible to induce vomiting in case of artificially?Of course yes!

for emergency emptying of the stomach is sometimes used by women who carefully watch their figure and panic fear overweight.They know how to induce vomiting after every meal, especially dense provoke reflex act that has not yet had time to digest the food has left the body, and not added to it excessive calories.Of course, this method is effective and achieves the aim pursued, but often they can not be used.Why is that?This will be discussed below.

methods of how to induce vomiting

traditional method to artificially provoke vomiting reflex irritation of the tongue is considered by zasovyvaniya deep into his mouth with two fingers.This action involves spasms of the stomach and esophagus, due to what they spew out its contents.Use as stimulator can not only fingers but also, for example, a teaspoon or hair.Some reflex act occurs after they imagine that eating something disgusting and nasty (only need to imagine the most colorful).It does not have long to find a way how to induce vomiting, people with poor vestibular apparatus.It is enough to wander, take a ride on the swing, at a rapid pace ponaklonyatsya in different directions, and the attack will not take long.In addition, when using any of these methods do not forget along with a meal to drink plenty of fluids.Firstly, the water would facilitate the ingested by dilution, and secondly, to create a sensation of fullness in the stomach, which will provide extra stimulation gag act.

Among other things, you can buy in a pharmacy pills induce vomiting.One of the most popular drugs with such an action is "Apomorphine".With it you can quickly rid the body of toxins.It is also acceptable to use drugs with expectorant effect, for example, "Lycorine hydrochloride."

consequences of artificial induce vomiting

Think before using in practice the recommendations given in the article to get rid of calories.It is extremely dangerous to your health.The fact that the act of forcibly triggering gag a few times, you do not even notice how accustomed to such actions, and this leads to the development of psychological dependence, and bulimia.Subsequently, you will not have to artificially induce vomiting - after each meal gastric emptying will happen spontaneously, and this process, even if you wish you can not stop.