How to lower cholesterol in the blood: tips and tricks

is impossible to overestimate the function of cholesterol in the human body because it acts as an outgoing call in the synthesis of biologically active compounds such as bile acids, vitamins, steroid hormones and sex.However, the content of this substance is not regulated by the body, which leads to its deposition on the walls of the gall bladder and blood vessels.These clusters are the causes cholesterol gallstones and atherosclerosis.Therefore, in the case of an excess of this substance in the body necessary to take measures to lower it to normal.

In order to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, it is recommended to completely change their lifestyle and diet to reconsider.In severe cases, requires that a strict diet with the rejection of some products, as well as drug therapy.

How to reduce cholesterol in the blood using healthy products

Dietitians identified a list of products, the consumption of which will quickly and painlessly return to normal cholesterol levels.These include the following: red wine (in moderation), nuts, oily fish, tea, oatmeal, beans, chocolate, avocado, spinach, garlic, olive oil and light margarine.Eating these products not only help you in the fight against cholesterol, but also provide the body with a number of important vitamins and minerals.

How to reduce cholesterol in the blood : Products that are dangerous

If you aim at lowering cholesterol, try to limit yourself to the use of such foods as butter, eggs, pork, beef, lamb fat-free mayonnaise, fish roe, cheese varieties, milk, high fat, sausages, fat cottage cheese.

How to reduce cholesterol in the blood : physical training and sports

Along with dieting to reduce cholesterol levels are also encouraged to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.The best solution would be jogging and intense physical exercise that helps to reduce cholesterol accumulated in the arteries of the blockade, which reduces the level of cholesterol and.It is important to understand that physical education plays a key role not the intensity of training as possible for all people are different, and their regularity.

How to reduce cholesterol in the blood : medicines

In cases where cholesterol becomes critical, in addition to a healthy diet and physical activity are added as doctors and treatment with drugs.

drugs that reduce cholesterol in the blood, are divided into the following groups:

  • Statins .This drug group is most commonly used to fight high cholesterol.The action of statins is blocking the production of enzymes responsible for the production of cholesterol in the body.
  • fibric acid .These drugs are used to accelerate the oxidation of fatty acids in the liver, thereby reducing blood cholesterol.
  • drugs that bind to bile acid .The action of these drugs is their ability to the compound with a bile acid, which allows to reduce the activity of cholesterol production in the liver.