What is vanity, and what it is dangerous to humans

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Have you ever heard the expression, "Do not be conceited?"In what situations does it apply?Have you ever thought about what is vanity, and what is its impact on the human?Let us find answers to these questions.

So, what is vanity.In a translation from Greek it means desire, the desire to look good in the eyes of others.Often it expressed in the need to hear flattery in his address to assert itself.The word "vanity" has two roots: "vain" - "nothing" and "glory".In other words - an empty, vain glory, coming from the people.

people infected with vanity often does not even know about it.He's waiting for praise from the people around him for every action that is fraught with the emergence of mania, illness, a sense of failure.The result is a groundless resentment, anger, and then - quarrels and conflicts.

Answering the question: "What is vanity?"- We can add that it is the fear that you will think about.The reluctance of rejection pushes a person's willingness to acquire approval in any way.This can lead to "chelovekougodnichestvu".In this vain man demands the full respect and submission.

Arise vanity may, in cases when a person is in search of itself, its features, looks for the meaning of life, and not finding him, getting all dissatisfied, constantly complains at all, all the hurt.Next to such a person is very difficult to co-exist, so people try to avoid it.Sometimes it happens that a vain man gets satisfaction from the fact that he is hated, often fear or laugh at him.The main thing that draw attention.

He tries to surround himself with people with suitable weaknesses.For example, he considers himself to be the best in singing, while around it would be more fans admire his talent, who are themselves unable to sing.Such a thing as a "star fever" is synonymous with the word "vanity".

To sum up the story of what is vanity, there are several of its features:

1. Increased, heightened attention to the praise.The desire to always and everywhere be the first, the best, the important.
2. The actions a person is evaluated in terms of other people who care about the opinion of people about themselves.
3. harder to endure reproaches, does not tolerate criticism.
4. The desire to stand out from the crowd clothing, appearance, talents, feats.
5. The desire to receive awards, certificates, badges.

Every person has the germs of vanity.It is important to prevent germination and avoid the trap of evil.

Walking path in life, you will certainly overcome exam periods vanity.What matters is how you will stand the test of fate.Will you "work the audience" not to fall face in the dirt, or you worthy of criticism or reproach soak without expecting praise.

Sometimes human vanity can destroy even the strong relations between relatives or friends.Insatiable desire for honor and glory leads to abnormal rivalry, intrigue and hatred, envy and hatred.Crossing all reasonable facets, vanity can become an evil vice, poison all around.