Golden eagle - a bird of high mountains

on the territory of Russia, in the most remote corners of it, in the mountainous regions of the Caucasus, Altai and Sayan Mountains, home to the golden eagle - majestic and graceful bird.Small habitats are also seen in the southern part of the Far East, but there are few golden eagle populations.Around the world, it can be found: in Europe, Asia, North America and the North-West Afrike.Odnako though the bird is listed in the International Red Book as a rare endangered species.

eagle - bird of impressive dimensions.The body length of up to 1 meter, and the size of the wing 60-70 cm large specimens weigh 3 to 6 kg.Females are usually larger than males and weigh more.The plumage of a beautiful brown with splashes of red and beige marble in the tail and abdomen.The bill is dark, hooked, bent down, legs yellow with sharp black claws.This species belongs to the family Accipitridae.Bird eagle (photo is above) - the largest eagle, predator, hunting all sorts of game.

as victims, he often chooses hares, foxes, martens, ground squirrels, young deer, sometimes encroaching on livestock.At the time hungry eagle is able to eat carrion, as well as to hunt mice, squirrels, reptiles.Its nest couple builds in the forests, in the most impenetrable thickets or on the rock face in an inaccessible location.This predator does not like fuss, someone else's intervention and neighborhood with anyone.Lead is mainly sedentary, but the individuals that populate northeast Siberia in winter move to warmer climes.Also, young birds often migrate.

bird of prey eagle paired for life - these huge eagles committed to each other, a single family home is a common housing a few years.It should be noted that the size of the property is impressive.It easily could live person, because the diameter of the socket up to 3 meters, and height - 2 meters!Made of sturdy nest of twigs tree branches and twigs.It appears early in March laying eggs, consisting of 1-3 units.The color of the shell - off-white with brown mottled.The female takes care of the offspring, incubate 43-45 days, sometimes it replaces the father.At the end of spring are born eaglets, completely helpless and totally dependent on the care and attention of parents - white downy fledglings.In 75-80 days the chicks grown stand on the wing.Young fledged individuals in the first year of life darker than their parents, sometimes seem altogether black.His constant color gain only 5-6-year life.

eagle - a bird with sharp vision.Hare, for example, he is able to see beyond the 4 km.In addition, it is also the fastest predator Falcon squad.His flight is lightweight, agile, graceful, developing speed in a dive to 100 km / h.Despite its size, the golden eagle - a bird is quite active, and a large part of his life devoted to hunting.Habitats and density of settlement areas are dependent on the availability of food in the area, but the main reason for the decrease of the population is people.

a result of massive deforestation, pesticide use, urbanization drastically reduced areas suitable for housing.For this reason, part of the territories inhabited by eagles, declared a protected area, and the bird itself is protected in many countries.