Saint Xenia of Petersburg.

In the northern capital of Russia have "their" very beloved and revered saints - St. John of Kronstadt and Xenia of Petersburg.At national importance these two people are very far from each other.But they both canonized and both are infinite trust and love as the indigenous people of the city and many visitors.

Legends of Xenia

Xenia enjoys little sympathy.This can be judged by a nickname given to her by the inhabitants of the city - Blessed Ksenyushka.Xenia of Petersburg itself is holy, prayer and rituals associated with it - all part and parcel of life in the city.Festival in her honor falls on February 6 during the fierce cold, but the huge queue to its chapel in the day become more and more.

legends associated with her name, which tells about the numerous exploits Xenia.She had amazing foresight, predicted the date of death and the healing of incurable patients.Many believe that the true defender of Saint Petersburg - this is it, Xenia of Petersburg.Prayers to her with true faith and sincerity will certainly help in any, the most difficult task.Number of the miraculous evidence of its infinitely many.By the love of it and worship it can be compared only with Nicholas Priory, and Seraphim of Sarov, the great saints of Orthodoxy.

Many people who survived the siege of Leningrad, believe that it has helped them survive Xenia of Petersburg.Prayer it raised the fallen, let faith in the imminent release of uniting people.Notes addressed to her then, survived.To her as a mother, to handle any requests - from the victory over the Nazis to increase the daily ration for a few grams.

path to canonization

time immemorial fools were revered in Russia.Ksenyushku without undergoing the death of beloved husband, gave all his wealth to the poor, to take all the burdens of foolishness in the name of Christ, especially loved.Gradually growing fame that everything it touches, it turns into a good, even a meeting with it portends something good.Many were happy to give her shelter and food, but it Xenia continued to torture yourself with cold and hunger.

When they began to build the Smolensk church, she wore the stones at night, helping the builders.Here, the church, and it is grave.The exact date of her death, like birth, is unknown.It is believed that this is the beginning of the XIX century.Over time, a temporary wooden chapel was replaced stone.But the tomb itself memory of Xenia periodically subjected to bans and persecution.But even when the chapel was turned into a storage room, and erase the memory of that is buried Xenia of Petersburg, near the walls of the tomb of prayer going on every day, and every day the cracks of the walls were put notes to Ksenyushke.Such letters have become a special kind of communication with the residents of "their" saint.

In 1988, through the efforts of the abbot of the temple of his father Victor Smolensk chapel was returned to the church, and she Ksenia canonized.

Charm Xenia of Petersburg for the good of marriage and the protection of children

According to legend, a couple, about to get married, should bypass the chapel several times Xenia, and the family never disintegrate.The belief in the miraculous power of the Holy Orthodox endless, but the prayer of Xenia Pererburzhskoy takes the form of a panacea.

pray to her about everything that forms the basis of human life and the health of its people close to you, the welfare.However, especially pray for the family: love, marriage, pregnancy.Holy revered as homemaker.

occupies a special place prayer Xenia of Petersburg on children.In this city undergoing unprecedented cruelty and cynicism enemy burden suffered by children in the first place, a request for them is of special significance.Pray for the gift of children, their education and health, the fact that they passed all the sorrows and misfortunes that never repeated a terrible tragedy that has befallen the great city.