Russian shrines: the icon "Tenderness" - the value of the image and prayer

Christian icons tend to have a strong energy.They served people for centuries consolation.Before the images offered up earnest prayers desperate and secret requests and recognition.Because many icons Lord has given special properties due to which they have become miraculous.

Grace Pskov-Pechersky Monastery

One of these shrines is located on the Pskov land in the Pskov-Pechersky Monastery.This icon "Tenderness", whose value is difficult to overestimate for all believers.It is a miraculous image of the Virgin Mary, and was made with the famous image of Our Lady of Vladimir.Back in 1154, the original source document brought from Kiev land Bogolyubskii Prince Andrew in his fiefdom - Vladimir-on-Klyazma.Two centuries later transferred to the celebrations and honors him in the Assumption Cathedral of Moscow.There's something and saw the image of a monk Arseny Hitrosh.It was deducted from the original icon "Tenderness".The number of miracles performed through it underlines that special thrill that evokes the image of all the congregation before him.These things happened in the event of the 16th century - in 1521, several years later, Fedor and Vasily merchants brought him in Pskov.And already in 1524-m hearing about miraculous healings through the icon was on Russian soil.

In the wake of the events of the glorious

In the most intense for themselves and the country people turned in moments of prayer to the saints for help.Very popular and began to use the icon "Tenderness", the value of which is: Mother of God heals Patroness, supports and encourages those who suffer, rejoice with them and facilitate the recovery of their fate, moved by limitless possibilities of his son.In 1581, the icon took trouble from Pskov during the siege of the city by the Poles.According to legend, it got a cannonball, but no image is not damaged, no people, close, do not hurt.Two centuries later, in the era of the War of 1812, he defended another Russian city - Polotsk - the icon "Tenderness".The significance of this event was so high that it has since October 7 each year to celebrate the holiday in honor of the image.

Miracles Lord's

Since the mid-16th century in Pskov Monastery was and was a series of pilgrims - for healing, blessing, help in other cases.Chronicle preserved by name lists of those who saved the icon "Tenderness".Value of icons - Istselitelnitsa - a long time stuck in the nation.At blind from birth or accident appeared vision.Frail rose to his feet and could walk.We opened the dumb to speak.All this and more was recorded in folk memory and passed from mouth to mouth, and in the churches of the Holy Fathers recorded everything for posterity - the glory of the Lord.Miracles and continue to this day.Christians firmly believe: the prayer icon "Tenderness", uttered from the heart, much.Especially if it is a request for their loved ones, for parents and children, for the health and well-being.It helps icon and soften the anger of those who you angry.If it is easier to accept the assistance of the members of the family find peace of mind and tranquility.It therefore is an icon "Tenderness".

addition to the image stored in Pskov, according to the Russian churches and temples kept a lot of other images of the Mother of God "Tenderness".This shows great respect to this type of icons.