How to make a ball of paper with your own hands?

How to make yourself a ball of paper?Very simple.But to get a beautiful Christmas decoration, we had a share of effort and imagination.Here are some ideas on how to make original Christmas balls with his hands.

Tools and materials

to make paper balls with your hands, you will need:

  1. Sheets of paper: plain, color, corrugated, decoupage, packaging and so on.
  2. line.
  3. Pencil.
  4. Clay.
  5. Scissors.
  6. beads, beads, sequins and any other decorations;
  7. lace or ribbon.

paper ball technique Kusudama

master class how to make a ball of paper with his own hands:

  1. Lay out a sheet of paper.
  2. Fold it in half to make a triangle.
  3. Fold two opposite corner of the figure for the third (picture 1).
  4. Turn resulting figure upside down.
  5. Fold in half, each wrapped triangle (picture 1).
  6. Wrap peeping into corners.
  7. Fold the leaf so that the folded parts are connected to each other.
  8. Glue part (picture 1).

You have prepared the first petal.Make four more things and glue them together, folded midway inside (picture 2 and 3).

Now, the above technology has made twelve flowers.When they are ready, glue them together so as to get the ball.It is better to do one half of the sphere, and then - the second.Before gluing the two parts put in lace, for which then will hang flower bulb.

midway Decorate each received a flower bead.

Christmas ball made of paper, created with his own hands, ready!

Air paper ball

instructions how to make a ball of paper (with step by step implementation of the scheme is attached below):

  1. Cut out the circle with wavy edges.To simplify the task, you can use special scissors for handicrafts.
  2. Cut the circle in half.
  3. Cut a small slice from the halves, approximately 1/6 of the (picture 3).
  4. Take what happened in the cone and glue the edges (picture 5).
  5. Make all thirty-four of the cone shaped.
  6. Start cones glued together to obtain a number (pictures 7-9).Leave the middle of a blank.
  7. top of the first row of the finished stick two more (picture 10 and 11).
  8. Place in the middle of a line, and on the other hand, where a knot, tie a ribbon.
  9. Complete details of glue, adding a number or two on top of the ready-made, and do the same number of rows at the bottom.

Balloon ready!

ZD-ball of paper on a Christmas tree

to create three-dimensional Christmas tree ball bit of perseverance is required, as parts do not stick together and congregate.Therefore, in respect of inaccurate, constituent parts of the ball can burst.

master class how to make a ball of paper with his own hands:

  1. Cut out a square sheet of paper twelve pieces flowers with five petals.
  2. Stack the flowers and all the resulting bureaucratic knife make a small incision at the junction of the middle and petals.Length cuts must be equal to half the size of a petal.The direction of the cuts, each petal must be the same, that is, only the right or left.
  3. Attach one of the lace flowers.To do this, the center of the hole and the sheet to slip the rope.Tie a knot in the cord and seal it with tape.Side lobe with a bundle - a 3D-interior of the ball.
  4. begin to gather the ball.To do this, take two florets and connect them for the petals.Add a third flower and so on.Gradually, carefully, so as not to tear the petals, connect all the flowers together.

Christmas Ball 3D-ready!

Christmas ball spiral

instructions how to make a ball of paper with his own hands:

  1. Take two types of paper.
  2. Cut nine strips of each type.The width of the strips - about a centimeter.
  3. Bend all the tape strips in half.
  4. Cut two circles of paper.
  5. string on string one bead.
  6. Fold yarn in half and thread the needle.
  7. Then on a thread strung one paper roundels.
  8. then strung on the thread of the paper strips, observing alternately in color.For example, white and orange.This strip must be bent inward.
  9. threads are not cut off, but simply make a knot.
  10. Measure out a small piece of thread, which would mean the size of the finished ball, and tie a knot.
  11. strung on a thread other side slips (like in the picture above).
  12. Spread strips strung together and give them shape.
  13. second kruglyashok and strung beads.
  14. tie a knot.
  15. Hook lace.

two-color spiral ball on the Christmas tree is ready!

Paper Shar pompom

For the manufacture of such a ball, pompom require tissue or crepe paper.Alternatively, you can take a napkin.

master class how to make a ball of paper with his own hands:

  1. Take a few sheets of paper and put them in a pile.The more pages, the more luxuriant will balloon ready.
  2. Combine from all stack together accordion.
  3. Connect the accordion in the middle of the resulting paper clip, wire or thick thread.
  4. Give scissors shape the ends of paper.Cut them in a circle, or obliquely (angle).
  5. begin to separate from each other, each layer of paper, gently stroking it.Fan First one side of an accordion, then the other.
  6. Give the leaves a spherical shape.

ball pompon-ready!

Tips for creating original Christmas balls of paper

  1. If you use white paper, ready to decorate the balls with the help of beads or glue Glitter.
  2. Paper balls, with their own hands created, will get a truly unique, if you use them for the creation of paper on which to print pictures from your photo archive.
  3. Choose to the ball as the lace for the Christmas ball bright ribbons, rather than the usual thread.
  4. Use different color and composition to create a paper ball.
  5. For some types of paper balls easier to use glue, pencil or double sided tape.
  6. Using a special stapler can make figures (for example, flowers, leaves, butterflies and so on) and ready to decorate them a paper ball.
  7. can collect several balls, pompoms together - get one big ball, which can be used for the top of the Christmas tree.
  8. Christmas ball-helix can be really New Year if manufacture patterned stripes.For example, cut silhouettes of Christmas trees, stars, bells, or a snowman.
  9. To decorate the Christmas tree balls, choose one or two forms.For variety, make balls of different sizes.
  10. For some types of balls can be used cardboard.

involved in the design paper balls for the Christmas tree children.Their fantasy crafts will turn even more original and interesting.