Peninsular Europe and the world

Peninsula - a piece of land adjacent to the one side of the continent, and with the rest washed with water.The configuration can be relatively flat, as in the Arabian or irregularity, as in the Balkans.The area is not always possible to calculate precisely because there is no clear line connections with the mainland.Peninsular countries tend to have access to the sea and try to take advantage of it, promoting tourism, diving and fishing from boats.The rest of the countries are trying to keep up with the continental states of economic and social indicators.

northern peninsular country attracts tourists with its landscape attractions.Famous Norwegian fjords stunningly beautiful at any time of the year.Countries south can offer tours in the desert with red sand, camel routes and quad bikes.

largest peninsula - Arabia - by seas on three sides, with red on the west, the waters of the Persian Gulf to the east and the Arabian Sea in the south.Its extensive grounds are six states, is the Arabian penins

ular country.Among them, the largest country in the Arab world - Saudi Arabia.In the neighborhood are located smaller states - the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Yemen and Qatar.

Indochina Peninsula - the second largest after the Arabian.On it are countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.Further west is very colorful and unique India.A country with deep traditions, ancient history and many religious customs.India is almost completely occupied the Indian subcontinent.Nearby, at the northern tip, is Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon.On a variety of flora and fauna is not inferior to India, the same ethnic population.

Peninsular European countries located in the Apennines and the Balkans.Italy - a country with thousands of years of culture and monuments of world importance.Also in the Apennines located state of Vatican City, the center of religious life of the world.Abode of the Pope and red sutan - Cardinals.Recently, there has been a decline of Vatican life.The Pope refused the throne, not really explaining the reasons for its decision, in St. Peter's became restless.Italy is preparing for the invasion of shocks and atheists, such threats have already sounded.

another peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea, Balkan, bears the eight countries that also have a difficult fate, wars and defaults, financial turmoil and government scandals.First of all, it is Greece, a large country in which "everything is there", rather, it was.Then, Bulgaria and Albania, both far behind in economic development.Macedonia and Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia.All these peninsular countries have developed tourist infrastructure, but due to the unstable political situation can not gain traction in the further development of tourism.

But in the Iberian Peninsula fared much better.Sedate Spain, though not without temperament, yet manages to be welcoming to all visitors.And the good of this country is something to see.The same can be said of Portugal.Thus, the Pyrenean state feel better than the rest of peninsular countries.