Twisting in tomato leaves: the main causes

Many growers are faced with an issue like curling leaves of tomato.It seems to only buy proven seeds, care for the seedlings is carried out in compliance with all the rules ... But that's just coming hot summer, and then the problem starts with seemingly healthy plants.Still, for no reason at all ill tomatoes can not, therefore, necessary to understand and identify the causes of the sudden deterioration in their appearance.Moreover, it affects the future crop.

reasons curling leaves of tomatoes can be due to unbalanced feeding.Gardeners fertilize seedlings of nitrogen and organic fertilizers, while forgetting about the phosphorus, potassium and zinc.When phosphorus starvation at the tip of the plant becomes grayish color, appear purple-red veins.With a lack of potassium leaves roll upward, the growing point dies, the fruits did not ripen, covered apical rot.Bush itself becomes smaller, it is rapidly developing necrosis.The leaves turn pale and then turn brown.The overabundance of zinc is easily recognized by rolling down a old shoots.Twisting in tomato leaves can also talk about the lack of sulfur, copper and boron.

fight against this phenomenon can only help make complex, well-balanced fertilizer, such as "Rastvorina" or "potassium monophosphate."It is not necessary to make the ground a large number of liquid manure or poorly humus manure because an overabundance of ammonia often provokes damage to fruit and leaf burn.Oddly enough, but can harm the tomatoes and excessive watering.Monitor the soil moisture, of course, must be the main thing - do not overdo it.

Abnormal heat also causes leaf curl in tomato, when it does not matter where it grows seedlings - in a greenhouse or in the open field.In May and June, it so happens that the earth has not yet warmed up, with pretty hot day and colder at night.These changes in temperature have a negative impact on plants, because the accumulation of nutrients slows down significantly, but their decay is accelerating.In this case, use ventilation greenhouses, creating drafts, pritenyat seedlings, covering her from the sun.

If curling leaves of a tomato is a consequence of the high temperature, it is possible to de-stress spray bushes with urea (10 liters of water is added to Article 1.5. Tablespoons of fertilizer).After a couple of days worth of processed tomatoes potassium permanganate - then the top violence.If all the rules of cultivation of vegetable crops are met, and twisting is still there, the reason most likely lies in the bacterial infections that were infected seeds.It is impossible to cure, but to stop the spread of the disease by virtue of each.To do this, you should use the drug "Aviksil" or something similar.

various pests often attack tomatoes.Seedlings (twisting of leaves can be observed in young plants) may be affected by aphids or other insects.The problem itself is not resolved, so you should immediately buy a special drug to control pests and spray bushes.The choice can be stopped to "Fufanone", "Biotlin", "Alatare" and others.