Pyramids of China - the puzzle of mankind

Pyramids of China and to this day remain a mystery to mankind.Reveal their riddle could not even anyone.The world learned of the existence of these pyramids recently.Only in the mid-20th century pictures of this miracle it was made from space.It was then that humanity learned that the pyramids exist in China.Even today, these treasures of world culture are closely guarded by the government of that country.

Nevertheless, the pyramids in China is of great interest to many scientists and archaeologists.According to a legend that exists in this country, the pyramid is the creation of alien beings who have visited earth.The exact age of these unique structures, nobody knows.The first information about them were discovered more than five thousand years ago.Therefore, their age remains a mystery.The ancient emperors of China, they called their "creations of the children of the sky."

In China, found about a hundred pyramids.Currently, the state of some of the pyramids is poor.The fact that they are made from clay and soil.This material peasants use in their farms and fields.Naturally, they are gradually dismantled the creation of world architecture.Pyramids in China have remained unexplored until the end.The government is not very willing to give permission for the excavation.Still, some failed to disclose information.

known pyramids in China have a height of 25 to 100 meters.The exception is the Great White Pyramid.It is truly awesome.Its height is about 300 meters.It can be considered the most important among all of the pyramids.But recently forbidden to visit the location of the pyramid, as the Chinese government is building there is a launching pad for rocket launching.

China - a great country, full of mysterious and unknown.Its amazing landscape presupposes mysteries of history and antiquity.Many architectural masterpieces, which are still striking in their beauty created by human hands.For example, Tiger Mountain, created by people, and is a beautiful and huge earthen embankment.It symbolizes the masculine and feminine.Perhaps in Europe such symbols would not attach much importance, but in China they are credited with a special meaning.

presence in China, the pyramids, exceeding in size the famous pyramids in Egypt is not accidental.The fact that there is a ban on a thorough study of these works, too, has its own meaning.One of the official version of the ban is the reluctance of scientists in China to change the representation of human life on earth.

Not many scientists, and even probably a few managed to touch this enigma.Archaeologist Hartwig Hausdorf the only foreigners who visited the valley, where the famous pyramids.But to carry out studies he was not allowed.Location of the pyramids in China shows the ancient inhabitants of knowledge in the field of astronomy, mathematics and geometry.It meets all the canons of feng shui.Perhaps someday the riddle of the pyramids in China will solve our descendants.So far, the information collected about them, are not sufficient to judge about their origin and structure.

remains of ancient civilizations found in different parts of our planet.Many suggestions put forward regarding the Atlantis.In connection with the research of the ancient Lake Vostok, located in Antarctica, many scientists have expressed about the possible location of Atlantis on this continent.They believe that it has not always been covered by glaciers.Perhaps the ancient civilization was located there, and soon will find a pyramid in Antarctica, owned at the time.Humanity will have to make many more discoveries that may become a sensation.