The dialectical method in philosophy

Dialectic in philosophy - a way of thinking in which things and phenomena are studied in their growth and development, in close relationship with each other in the struggle and unity of opposites.

In antiquity, sensuously perceptible world seemed as eternal formation and movement, in which opposites coexist and are in unity.Early Greek philosophers saw the infinite variability of the world and at the same time said that space - it's beautiful and a finished whole is at rest.Their dialectic emerged as a description of the motion and rest, as well as a reflection of the incessant transformation of one element into another, one thing to another.

have Sophists dialectical method svёlsya to pure negation: paying attention to the continuous change of refuting each other's ideas and concepts, they came to a conclusion about the relativity and limitations of human knowledge in general, they believed that it is impossible to comprehend the truth.

fruitful struggle of opposing ideas - that, based on what the dialectical method of Socrates, the Greek philosopher who expounded his ideas about the world in the treatises, and verbally, not even monologically.He led the conversation with the residents of Athens, which is not stated its position and ask questions interlocutors with which sought to help them get rid of prejudices and come to true self-judgment.

Most of all the dialectical method developed Georg Hegel, the German philosopher of the XIX century: its main idea is that opposites are mutually exclusive and at the same time mutually presuppose each other.The contradiction to Hegel - is the impetus for the evolution of the spirit: it makes the idea to move forward, from simple to complex, and more and more complete results.

Hegel sees the main contradiction in the idea of ​​the absolute: it can not simply resist conditionally, of course, otherwise it would be limited and it would not be absolute.Hence, the absolute should be a limited or more.So, in the absolute unity of truth is the opposite of private and limited ideas that complement each other, they go out of their inertia and take on a new, more true form.That covers all private traffic concepts and ideas, all of the spiritual and the physical world.They are all there in close connection with each other and with the absolute.

Hegel's dialectical method - is a process of self-improvement concepts.The dialectic - is both the method and content of his philosophy.

Marxist philosophy of dialectical method is also used, but it is closely connected with the materialist conception of the human being and therefore more practical: it considers, primarily social rather than purely philosophical contradictions.

dialectical method was used not only in the West but also in Eastern philosophy, for example, in China, is the concept of Yin and Yang - two different sides of a single reality, which are converted into each other.

opposite metaphysical dialectical method, which is converted to the origins of life itself, the search for the original nature of reality.