What is the saying, and what is its meaning

proverb refers to one of the most interesting genres of folklore.Many scientists have studied it very carefully, but were never able to completely unravel its mystery.What is the saying, and what is its meaning?

Value proverbs

proverbial sayings of people think, which traced their opinion, the assessment of the events and the people's mind.It reflects various aspects of life.If people do not accept such statements, they are simply eliminated.The proverb is always something to learn, and because it is necessary to take something useful for themselves.Over time, new statements, and the old remain in the past, but the most valuable came to us from ancient times.Often lose the direct meaning of proverbs and purchase portable.However, some of them immediately appear in the figurative.That is well said proverb VIDahl: "This is a set of folk wisdom and suemudriya is sighing and moaning, weeping and wailing, fun and joy, comfort in the people and the mountain, it is the color of the mind of the people, their original article; it is the people's worldly truth, a kind of Law that no one judges".

form and composition of folk sayings

proverb has rhythmic organization and original sound design.It is very short, without further ado, has a succinct and accurate content.Such a statement is firmly in the figure of speech and has an instructive meaning.There are sayings still in primitive society, even before there were the first literary monuments, works.It was passed from mouth to mouth, so the content had to be concise.To transmit the necessary information the authors very carefully picked words for the proverbs.Usually they consist of two parts.The first well-described phenomenon or object, and the second gave them a rating.To find out what goes, it becomes clear that it can have not only direct but also figurative meaning.They often lies a mystery that needs to be unraveled.

little history

These folk sayings are born out of the ordinary everyday life.Quite a few of them were also from literary works.For example, Griboyedov comedy "Woe from Wit" has about 60 expressions which become part of the folklore.At first they were just a phrase, and then gradually turned into proverbs.And there are a lot of products there.These folk sayings began to be recorded in the distant ancient times.Aristotle was one of the first collections of many years ago.In our country in the 17th century came the first recording, and immediately began to be published."Proverbs of the Russian people" is one of the most renowned collections of the wisest people's expressions.There were more than 25,000 texts.They are made and carefully assembled VI Dal.They belong to the genre of folklore.

In conclusion, I would like once again to the fact that this proverb.It is shaped, decorated grammatically and logically completed the statement, which has an instructive meaning.It is rhythmically organized form.An example of this statement is as follows: "As you sow, so shall you reap."

adage proverb differs from its brevity.It is almost never any hidden meaning instructive.It is generally regarded as persistent expression.