Who build townhouses?

Company Image - everything!Synonymous with the image are the words - image, style ... And components of the word unless others?After all, the image - this image of the company, and the style of her work, and who creates all this?Who sets the pace of development, selects resources for building the company's image?In Russian - is the owner of the company, that it takes major decisions, both at the stage of opening their business and at all stages of their business.

Creating a large number of departments that are working on the image - the costs that small and medium businesses will not pull at it, small and medium businesses also can not develop positively without such an important component, as the company's image.

Small companies are combined into a group that is also a great help to create a good reputation, because by doing so they provide a range of services to the client, who can independently monitor and adjust, ie,to provide services on a professional level.

known that on hearing bad examples often than successful.We meet a lot of news and stories about incorrect in relation to the client business, the personalities, who headed the business, their dishonesty, although there are examples worthy of respect and that people know about them, examples of well-formed companies, the right of association in the groupand good governance on the part of their leaders.An example is a group of companies "StroyElitProekt» www.domdacha.ru and its leader Rashid Zimnurov Sultanovich.

The group of companies consists of: the "Property" - real estate company engaged in the whole complex of services in the implementation of housing, "Europe Center Umeks" - a company that supplies high-quality materials and construction, is the same construction and installation work, as wellsame "StroyElitProekt" - customer-developer of high-quality small and multi-storey housing construction in the near suburbs.

You can mark several facts concerning the fact that the group of companies "StroyElitProekt" is an example of properly structured image of business has long existed, was implemented quite a number of projects and all of them deserve special attention.The last of the projects - a village townhouses in the 10 km from Moscow - "Pearl Korenevo» http://www.hutor-2.ru/.Independent studies suggest that this part of the village is still very scanty number of proposals, which meet all international standards of housing, which can rightly be called "town houses", ietown houses.It is based on not only the design of the village as a living units, but also the fact that urban homes should be equipped with all necessary utilities around must have the necessary urban infrastructure and living in them should be cost-effective it is to those who live in them.

Here is the conversation that took place with the first face of the company:

NV .: Rashid Sultanovich, please tell us where the idea of ​​creating a business in the form in which it exists today?

RS .: Due to the fact that we had a real estate company "Property" and "Europa Center Umeks" turned on forces to engage in the construction of housing.I am the president of the group.I've never been a builder, but I like the process of business organization.

NV .: And where do you find the necessary expertise for the implementation of new business projects?

RS .: I have a lot of friends, learn through them.My office is in the territory of the Moscow Humanitarian University, many of my employees - graduates of this university.A skilled staff - this is my well-established partners with whom I am very familiar for a long time.

NV .: How do you ensure the stability of its employees?

RS .: instability should be expected and how ALKudrin do some stocks (prim.avt. Smiles).To be fair to the employees, to share.I have nothing to hide from them, and they all know my income and my problems.

NV .: How do you assess your business today, what are the prospects?

RS .: We are ready to build big settlements."Pearl Korenevo" - a small project such a quiet relaxing property in the forest, we have the same plans to build the village a lot more to put a school, a stadium, a swimming pool, if we can all agree (prim.avtora - sadly).At the same time we will not leave, and "Pearl Korenevo" becausewe are interested in that all the promises of the content of communications and availability of accommodation, have been met.Do my clients, I do not want to quit.I could at any moment to hand over all control of any company, but until I did everything I promised, I convey nothing anyone can.For me, public utilities - is not a business, it is a burden, becauseI'm not interested inflate prices and make it and all costs at this stage to operate until the bears my company.We have already proved that the quality of construction and materials used in our facilities undeniably higher than at other nearby sites developers, we are renting residential units already mounted to the screed, this generally nobody does.We went to these costs, so as not to deceive customers.The quality of construction can be monitored at each step, and now we can already estimate that in ready homes is very warm.

NV .: Do you feel any negativity from your potential customers because of the untidiness of your competitors in the implementation of the construction and operation of housing?RS .:

other unscrupulous developers for us an example and not a problem.After all, there are firms that are opened for the project, to be built and then closed after the sale, and hence the problem of purchasers, they are abandoned."StroyElitProekt" - is a company open to exist for very long, we are very interested in our image. One of the factors that determines the seriousness of our approach to reputation - that is what we are working with the Savings Bank, which operates not with all, we, the company is financing all the projects, then we properly construct a policy within the company and external work on the market.

NV .: And what will get someone who will get a house in your village?

RS .: tranquility, security, a sense that the kids can walk freely and be protected.His circle of friends, because all the neighbors are around the same level as for the prosperity and the mentality and attitudes.Now the village has no living somewhere going repairs, but we still every day we clean all tracks following the procedure to here has always been so.The order - this is very important, I want to be so original and for all.For example, we have left between the houses of the old birches, because they are so beautiful, it was a position of principle - not to damage them during construction, because it all - components of the future life of those who buy our homes.

Here is a conversation I had with Rashit Sultanovich.Causes proud that we have such leaders who understand how business and the initial attitude and goal setting influence the whole of life.