Prophecies of Satan

Since the XVI century in the secret cellars of the Vatican kept the ancient tablets, on which is engraved the story of the last battle between good and evil.Chilling events must put an end to our world and become a prelude to the reign of the devil in him.About inscribed on tablets of predictions, it was decided to tell in 2001, when all the world will be convinced that the end of the world will not.

Museum Lucifer .On the eve of the third millennium of the Christian era there was a set of predictions about the coming end of the world.Some of his planning for the year 1999, but when nothing terrible had happened, began to push the fatal date in the future.First, in this decade of the XXI century, and then on and on, and so on for decades and centuries to come.The essence of the story of the end of the world, as we know, is that after the seizure of power in the world the Antichrist will take the decisive battle of the heavenly and infernal forces, and the world, in the end, prevail the kingdom of God.

to sincerely believing Christian is an indisputable truth.He was uncertain just a matter of when these events occur.But many people order podrasteryal faith matters much more.For example, whether or not there is Satan, who will erect the throne of the Antichrist in the world and thus mark the beginning of dark period in human life?

sufficiently convincing answer can be found in the Museum of Lucifer, created in the Vatican City.With the blessing of the Pope it exhibits proving that Satan roams the world."Objects in the museum, of course, are a testament to the wiles of unclean - says curator father Ismar Benidikti.- The church took them as concrete evidence of the existence of the Devil.We do not reveal them, and do not talk about it, but keep them to show what a devil. "

The museum, for example, there are prayer book that belonged to a young Italian who died of terror at night in 1578, when she was Satan.The book, which she dropped in fear, are burnt in the places where it touched hand of the Prince of Darkness.

Another exhibit - the French dress Countess Sybil de Merker, met the Devil in a deserted courtyard of his castle in 1357.It burnt through her dress at the point touched by the hand of Satan."The museum was founded in 1933 at the behest of Pope Pius XI (1922-1939g.g.) - Says the father of Stefan Mezzofanti, the 11th director of the secret of the museum.- There are hundreds of evidence of the real existence of Satan. "Three of them Mezzofanti paid particular attention.

Blood Pact Hitler .The expert group of the Vatican came to the conclusion that the document found in 1946 in the burned house, and sent to the Vatican by German monks, really is a contract that Adolf Hitler had made with Satan himself.The contract is dated 30 April 1932 and signed by the blood of both parties.According to him, the devil offers virtually unlimited power to Hitler on the condition that he would use it for evil.

In return, Hitler promised to give his soul to Satan in his undivided possession of exactly 13 years.So, in 1932, plus 13 - get in 1945 ... Four experts have studied the document and agreed that the signature of the Fuehrer true characteristic of the documents signed by him in the 30s.But the most curious thing is different: the signature of Satan, too, the same as the one that stands on the other similar agreements with the ruler of Hell.And them in various archives, especially the church, a lot.

Treaty Fuhrer with the lord of hell helps to solve the riddle of how Schicklgruber managed to become the ruler of Germany.Judge: 32-year Hitler was just a loser.He was expelled from high school, and then he sank twice in the exams at the Academy of Arts.He even spent time in prison.All who knew him at the time, considered him no matter what a person does not fit.

But the 32-year his fate changed dramatically.He literally "catapulted" into a chair and power in January 1933 is already under German Law.According to Vatican experts, this can be explained only alliance with Satan.And April 30, 1945 - exactly 13 years later - he killed their own lives.

It usually acts Prince of Darkness.He picks a loser, tormented by ambition and thirst for worldly pleasures and promises to fulfill all his desires.The result - a lot of trouble for others and a complete disaster for the one who "bought" on his promises.The fate of Hitler completely fits into this scheme.Contract Fuhrer Satan was found in an old trunk, which is purely by chance (or maybe not?) Pulled from a burning house on the outskirts of Berlin.It is badly damaged, but it can be read.

demon flesh ."According to the archaeologists, - explains the father of Stefan Mezzofanti, showing reporters unremarkable brown Shrivelled body - the mummy found under the ruins of the old church in the capital of Mexico in Mexico City, is not a" fully human. "There is reason to believe that preserved the remains belonged to a demon! »

Dried body with goat-like horns and hooves elongated incisors was found Jan. 21, 1997 workers during the demolition of the old building."This is one of the most incredible scientific discoveries of our time - said Professor J. Terranova at the end of the inspection of the remains.- We have received evidence that Satan really existed in the flesh. "

Archaeologists do not know, like a mummy discovered in the simple stone sarcophagus under the altar, fell into the Catholic Church of St. Anthony.The researchers concluded that the age of discovery about 600 years.Mummy so well preserved that many of the details are clearly visible image, such as a long, almost feminine eyelashes.

study of the skull of the mummy showed that the horns and fangs the creature appeared already in adulthood."Everything points to a sharp and painful physical changes - says Professor Terranova.- We believe that at the beginning of this man led a completely normal life, but at the age of about 25 years, his body was possessed by Satan. "

Now scientists are trying to read the inscription on a copper medallion that hung on the neck of the mummy.According to the expert, there is speculation that the locket was some occult object through which Satan inspires to volunteer or to an unsuspecting victim.

Nakhodka in Mexico became, however, is not the first proof that the devil takes human form.In late 1995, it has already been reported horny mummy found in Indian burial grounds near the White River (South Dakota, United States).Indian Satan less fortunate than Mexican, he was tortured to death by Sioux warriors.

According to the canons of Christianity, the Lord God has only one physical incarnation - Jesus the Nazarene, but Satan in the history of humanity appeared in the flesh, hundreds of times.The remains found in South Dakota, dating back to the beginning of the XVIII century, t. E. They are around 300 years old."Our mummy three hundred years older, - says Terranova.- If the interval between bodily incarnations does not change, the next occurrence of Satan can be expected at the beginning of the third millennium ... »

Satan Museum, located in the Sacred Heart Church of the Martyr, very rarely visited by priests or senior tourists, because its existence is kept secret.But Satan is not only roams the world, he intends to change the doomsday scenario, which is God.At least, so say the signs, which was mentioned at the beginning.

Predictions fallen angel ."These dire prophecies were kept a closely guarded since 1566, when they were transferred to the Vatican renounced their beliefs Satanist - says Dr. Paul Morret from Washington.- And now at last they saw the light. "Prophecies of Satan, in general, coincide with the predictions contained in the Bible, but with one important difference.

In the Bible we find an indication that after a period of incredible turmoil, suffering and the struggle of good still prevail over evil and will lead to the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth.The predictions of Satan sounds opposite statement.After a series of horrific misery and terrible epidemics, world wars and unprecedented terrorist victory of good evil, and Satan will set hell on earth, and it will rule forever.

Prophecies only ten, and five of them have come true!That is why the Vatican was silent about them to the end of the 1999 year.Other predictions are five main villain had become a reality until 2000, but this did not happen.Such abrupt changes in the course of events can hardly be explained by anything else than a victory of light forces.

But back to the predictions of the unclean.Being engraved on the plates of black onyx, these prophecies are believed to account for at least 10,000 years."To no one doubts arose about the authenticity of the plates - says Dr. Morret - take into account the fact that spent using the most modern scientific methods of research has shown that engraving is made 9.5-11 thousands of years ago.""And more importantly - he continues - five of the prophecies have already come true, thus proving, at least, that their author really foresee the future - joy and suffering."

Divination include, in particular, the reference to Satan's plan to plunge the Christian world into complete disarray during the Crusades, which, as we all know, actually took place.They also contain an indication of the first and second world wars and the rise to power of the servants of the forces of evil - Adolf Hitler.

No less dramatic was his prediction as to what the free world will collapse under the weight of an epidemic of drug abuse, rampant sex and the general decline of morality.The prophecy of Satan also provides an indication of the dramatic changes in the shape of the Earth, starting with a series of unprecedented earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which geologists will tell you it began in the late 80s of the twentieth century.And all these horrors were confined to the 1999-2000.

Comments, as they say, are superfluous - everything about our time in the prophecies Satan proved a bluff.But this does not mean that they should be forgotten.All the horrors can still be realized, but at a later time.Satan does not just slip up with their plans, but never stopped trying to sell them again and again.

Overview «doomsday» .Devil in a failed prediction, as a prophet of a large scale, you can add unfulfilled "revelations" several tens of smaller rank of prophets.Many of them are ours, domestic.The beginning of the end of the world was declared in 1990, the process will be completed in 2003.According to others, it had to happen in 1996-1998.Well, of course, plenty of forecasts For 1999.

We will not niggle, take a look at the problem globally.It turns out, according to conservative estimates, thousands of years of written history of mankind doomsday scare hundreds of times!Below are the dates of the most famous prophecies.So, end of the world had to happen: in AD 900, 1000, 1666, 1900, 1910, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2017, 3797 and so on ...

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