Scarab Beetle

scarab beetle - a symbol associated with ancient Egypt.It is known that the ancient Egyptians were very inspired by nature.They considered it a great book of life, the Master.

Beetle scarab ancient Egyptians drew their industriousness.People watched as he handles a shapeless mass of dung, forming out of it perfect, in their opinion, the sphere.In it he lays its eggs.Beetle scarab rolls its ball of dung in the west to the east.Then he pulls out a burrow and hide there the ball for 28 days.With the onset of the 29th day of the scarab beetle pulls the ball and sends it into the water.Then, it appears from the offspring.

The above nature of the action of the insect, and the fact that the scarab beetle flies in the hottest period of the day, contributed to the fact that the ancient Egyptians began to identify it with the sun.According to legend, the Sun, returning from the world of shadows, into the light of day rises.According to the Egyptians, a small insect repeats the path of light.Insect resurrected from his manure own world of destruction and shadows.The sun was a fiery sphere which carried the germ of all life.With this area identified the insect dung ball.

scarab represented the god Khepri (Khepera).This is one of the three images of the sun.God Ra symbolized daylight, Atum - the night, and Khepri - morning, rising.Together with other solar deities, recently served as the Creator of the world, the universe and man.

According to legend, the scarab was coming out of the nostrils in the head of Osiris, announcing his resurrection (Osiris) from the dead.Since then, the figure of a small insect, riding without stopping his ball, the momentum began to embody the rebirth that occurs within an inert, living matter, which is ready to start his new existence.

scarab beetle - a talisman, who accompanied the ancient Egyptians, not only for his life, but after death.According to the inhabitants of Egypt, even in the decomposing body of the deceased contains the immortal soul.She was released after the death of the body, revives, continuing journey to the heavenly world.

scarab represented the power of the Heart.Her man to be reborn, must be a wake.During mummification instead of the heart put ceramic, stone or made of other materials sacred insect top or fully replaced heart insect figure of stone or ceramic.Thus, in the body of the deceased was present only the central symbol of immortality, incorruptible spirit and Resurrection.

Many ancient Egyptian texts describe scarab beetle beautifully and subtly, as "the God who dwells in the heart, the Creator, the Lord, guarding the light within."The Egyptians represented the heart of the center of consciousness, wisdom and deep knowledge, memories of the Eternal.It is a separate entity intimate that live in the body and leaves it to the other world with the soul.

In ancient Egypt the scarab beetle figures were to be found almost everywhere.They are made of various materials: green basalt, marble, limestone, porcelain, granite, and other blue clay.On the basis of figures, usually applied sayings and symbols, which have been linked with the mystery of rebirth.Sometimes, the insect was a human head or face.

Scarab to the ancient Egyptians and was the epitome of the student and his journey to wisdom.As the insect makes a shapeless mass of dung in a perfect ball, the student should turn viscous mass of all its limitations and a lack of transparency, the fiery sphere that reflects the light of the Spirit.

Egyptians believed that you can get out of the deepest darkness, we can rise again, reborn, if awaken the hidden power and wisdom of the heart, which gives soul to fly off to a new life.