What to do with svinushki?

Lovers of forest are looking forward to the autumn when it will be possible to gather mushrooms.Of course, they already know which ones are edible: aspen, white, chanterelles, mushrooms and others.But there is a less well-known, which are often found in coniferous and deciduous forests.It is about svinushki.

What svinushki (svinuhi)?

thin and thick svinushki is a fungus that grows in coniferous and deciduous forests.It has a brown color, small stem, hat with curved edges, the plate yellowish.Of course, there are cases of poisoning by these mushrooms, but with the right preparation you can get them quite tasty and satisfying dish.The only thing that this fungus is not stored for a long time, and therefore requires immediate heat treatment, otherwise it will spoil.Consider what to do with svinushki how to cook and eat.

Thick svinuha for marinating, salting, roasting and preparation of many dishes.The important thing is to properly prepare it for consumption, carry out special treatment.Then mushrooms can safely eat without fear for their health.

svinushki How to cook?

fungi first soaked in water for about five hours while the procedure is repeated at least three times changing the salt water.They were then washed thoroughly first boiled in water for five minutes, drained and the resulting broth boiled for half an hour for the second time and the third time - and forty minutes.A sign of willingness svinushek is sinking to the bottom of the pan.Prepared mushrooms can be used at their discretion.Consider a few recipes for their preparation.

fried in sour cream svinuhi

Ingredients : one kilogram of mushrooms, one onion, three tablespoons of sour cream, two cloves of garlic, salt, vegetable oil, fresh herbs to taste.


If you do not know what to do with svinushki, you can just fry them with sour cream.This dish can become unique, if it add your favorite greens, a variety of spices, onions and garlic.In addition, it is very satisfying, so it can replace meat.

So, in advance cooked mushrooms coarsely chopped.In a frying pan fry the onions in oil until golden brown, add svinuhi and fry twenty minutes, add salt.Do not forget to stir them constantly.Then add sour cream, garlic and stew five minutes.The finished dish is left to brew for fifteen minutes, then sprinkle with chopped herbs.

Svinuhi pickled

Ingredients : two kilograms of mushrooms.For the marinade (per liter): two tablespoons of coarse salt, half a cup of vinegar, five peas black pepper, two bay leaves, five stalks of dill, a pinch of cinnamon and two tablespoons of sugar, ten cloves of garlic.


Pickled svinushki, the recipe of which we consider are a great savory snacks, which are stored for a long time.

First prepare the marinade.To put it in water salt, spices and vinegar boiled for twenty minutes, removing the foam periodically.Cooked mushrooms sliced, spread in a jar and pour the marinade cooled down.In each jar add two tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Salting svinuh hot

Ingredients : five kilograms of mushrooms.

brine : six hundred grams of water, two hundred grams of salt, one gram of laurel.


Many wonder about what to do with svinushki.The answer is simple: they can pickle.To do this, clean the mushrooms from the ground and well cleaned.Then they put in a pot, fill with water and bring to a boil.Thereafter, they are mixed and removed the foam appeared.Cook svinuhi twenty-five minutes.

Over time, take out the mushrooms, put into prepared jars and pour the cold brine, then sealed and put them in a cool place for storage.So svinushki harvested for the winter.

svinuh Salting Cold

Ingredients : one kilogram of mushrooms, ten grams of salt, two grams of citric acid, fifty grams of salt suction.

Preparation Before cooking svinushki, they are soaked in one liter of water, which previously put salt and citric acid, one day, twice changing the brine.Then the mushrooms are placed in barrels, which previously poured a thin layer of salt.Svinuhi placed so as to obtain shestisantimetrovy layer.They carpet the hats down tight and poured salt.

Then barrels covered with a cloth and put under pressure for three days.During this time they will be condensed, start up the juice and cover with brine.Containers are placed in a cool place or conserved using traditional recipes of preservation.Svinushki (how to cook them, we already know) can be stored in this way for a long time.

English salad with svinushki

Ingredients : two hundred and fifty grams of chicken, one hundred grams of pickles, one hundred grams of fresh cucumber, radish and fifty grams, one hundred and fifty grams of celery;svinushek two hundred grams, half onion, one head of lettuce, two tablespoons of mayonnaise and a half tablespoons of lemon juice, a bunch of parsley, half a spoon of sugar, one teaspoon mustard, salt to taste.

Preparation Before cooking svinushki, they need to be cleaned, then boiled the above method.Chicken boiled and cut into julienne with celery.Onions finely chopped, sliced ​​mushrooms and fry plates on oil.All cut into julienne cucumbers, radishes - thin strips.Finely chopped parsley.In bowl mix the meat, mushrooms, celery, radishes and cucumbers.Then prepare filling.For this mayonnaise mixed with lemon juice, mustard, and added sugar.

On a large platter stacked lettuce, sprinkled on top of the cooked mass, all watered dressing and decorate with greenery.

few words in conclusion

We now know what to do with svinushki how to cook and eat.It must be said that the scope of the use of mushrooms is wide enough, it is necessary only to show a little imagination.Of these, you can create very interesting and hearty.The main thing here - this is the correct heat treatment svinuh because lately there is an opinion that they can cause poisoning.A properly prepared and cooked mushrooms can even replace the meat, because it is very rich in protein.However, it is not recommended to use them in large quantities because they are difficult to digest.