Russian marines.

Marines Russian black berets, black death - as soon not call it a branch of Russia.Coastal forces of the Navy started to fight in any conditions.Marines desantiruyut both from the air and from the water, is armed with floating BTR-80 and 82, trained to storm the strongholds and heights.In addition to small arms, anti-aircraft and anti-tank is portable systems.Marine brigade close contact with other branches of the military, especially the navy, but they are trained and act independently.Air assault battalions may, if necessary, go to the autonomous existence.

birth Marine

During its existence, the marines to disband several times, and created anew.The official date of birth is in 1705 during the Great Northern War of 1700-1721.there was a need for specially trained units that fired on the crews of enemy ships and at rapprochement were boarded.For such purposes, have the required dexterity, agility, courage and a steady hand.

second date of birth is 1939. The second, because it was interrupted by the transmission of information from one generation to the other Marines.We changed conditions of war, because it was a completely different unit.

II World War and today.Russian marines

Black Berets have earned the nickname "Black Death" during World War II.Famous Bialystok bulge defended Marines.Whether because of the outage in the first days of the war, or for some other Marines went on the offensive, made several daring attacks, distracting the enemy forces and giving their time to retreat and regroup.

Despite the fact that our fleet was locked in ports in 1941, the Marines did not remain idle.She took an active part in the defense of Leningrad, and separate divisions - and in the defense of Moscow.Carrying losses Marines continued its glorious existence, even formed a new battalion.Along the Black Sea coast were made forays into the enemy lines, sabotage, attacks on the fortified points.Snipers in black berets famous Sevastopol.

currently existing on marine brigade maintained the tradition and remember the heroic deeds of their predecessors in all military conflicts, beginning with World War II.Brigades are called Guards and Red Flag Guard get the price of blood and sacrifice.Red Flag - the highest award that honors the Marine Corps in Russia.

Black Berets, photos you see above are the forces of permanent readiness, able to carry out any combat mission.The teams are composed of individual companies and battalions with different functions, as a result they are able to attack enemy ships, to hold the line, taking high-rise buildings and fortified settlements, land with ships and planes in the rear for the diversions and distractions themselves.Marine units exist in different countries, but the Russian is considered one of the best.

main armament

on Armed marines in small arms is not much different from motorized infantry.The main weapon is a game-74M, also has one branch of the PKK, the RPG-7 and SVD.Each company has a grenade launcher missile platoon, armed with grenade launchers AGS-17 "Flame" and the RMB.Drivers, officers and various experts have PM (sometimes with a silencer), the MTA and CSSA-74M.Depending on the task Marines are equipped with RPG-18 «Fly» or manual flamethrower RPO-2 "Bumblebee".

time to time in the Army is updating the technology.Since 2009, the Marines began arriving BTR-82A - is mainly in the Baltic Fleet, and the Black Sea - BTR-80 (instead of the BMP-2).The Baltic can be proud of as a class ship "Zubr".It is the largest amphibious hovercraft.

beauty and pride of the Navy

the coast of our country confidently carries his service Marines Russia.Black Berets are among the best soldiers.They can be proud, and every new guy, dressed black beret, becomes part of the military family.He is now responsible not only for his honor and for the honor of the Navy, Marine Corps honor.The worst punishment is considered to obtain a ban on the wearing of the beret - punishment unofficial, but clearly reflect the spirit of the troops.If the guy prohibit wearing a black beret, then he dishonors him by his actions.Marine Corps - a beauty and pride of the Navy, and it must be!

Black Berets in kinematogrofa

valor and courage of the Marines are not just glorified in songs, books and movies.In Airborne has his ensemble - "Blue Berets".Musical group of officers, who loves the Marine Corps Russia - "Black Berets".Anthem, written by them, every soldier knows and stores on your phone.

The films often used the image of a Marine.Strong, brave, intelligent and courageous.The last tape which clearly shows education in the ranks of the Marine Corps and the direction of thinking in military terms, is "22 minutes".Marines will storm the ship to free the civilians and his companion.An interesting idea that in the preparation of the operation they consider their captive fellow combat unit by default.This means that a Marine will perform his duty in any conditions.The film's title comes from the time that was spent on the assault and sweep the ship.

spite of what obstacles job was done, and the enemy destroyed.His honor preserves and supports the Marine Corps Russia - black berets.Movies about them cause pride in our soldiers, and in the hearts of the boys - confidence that they once put on a hat and will wear it with dignity,

got in the Marines - be proud!

not got - Rejoice!This phrase is heard everything before you put on a black beret.Kind of dedication.Army service with a touch of romance - it's just a look from "citizen" that is the Marine Corps in Russia.Black Berets do not complain about the conditions.However, the service does not differ ease, but the romance is forgotten after the first forced march when the belt machine starts to rub shoulders, and on his back after a 5-kilometer stuffed bruise comrades who have entrusted the gun, running can not, as a result have to drag andmachine gun, and himself.To withstand such loads, it is necessary to unite the platoon.

officers do not have the privileges of the physical training and, together with the personnel involved in forced marches, shooting and obstacle course.

Preparing for service.Russian marines.Black Berets

How to get to these troops?If the desire in you is alive and quench it, then we should start to prepare in advance.First, make sure that you do not have health restrictions, and the doctor will put you in the military group A. For a place in the Marines and airborne troops are fighting.You need to have an advantage over the others: such is a good physical preparation, execution of army regulations, the rights of category "B" or "C" level and athletic achievements.Bits and prizes for fighting, parachute jumping, swimming are the most important factor.

stable psyche and physical form allows to pass all the required tests, and quickly adapt to military service.

Training Marine

Marines are not born, becoming Marines.Since the mid-1960s, black berets Russian patrolled and took part in military conflicts in different parts of the land: Syria, Israel, Poland, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Angola, Mozambique, Chechnya, Dagestan, Abkhazia, Georgia,Vietnam and many others.

Generally, Marines are part of the permanent combat readiness.Once here waiting for hard physical training, especially if you manage to get into the air assault battalion or a company investigation.All should be able to Marines Russia (black berets), preparation for a war that never ends.Close fight, fight with weapons, obstacle course, tactical exercises at the site, preparation of defense and assault on the heights, landing behind enemy lines, the landing from ships and fighting in the coastal strip, forced marches, day and night shooting - all this training, decenta real man.

Nobody but us!

beautiful phrase!Prior to serving in the army, many consider it pretentious, empty and arrogant.The famous artist related to this kind of troops, as the Marines Russia - "Black Berets" - the song is trying to make its clear, truthful and explain the meaning of life in general.It should at least attend the exercises, as the opinion of the army is changing.Certain parts of our army can act on its own, but in the case of a full-fledged war, troops will act as a single organism."No one except us!" - So say the Marines.On their shoulders a great responsibility, they are the first in the ranks of the offensive, their task - to land in the enemy's rear, seize the high ground and hold it until the main forces.However, this phrase also applies to all other kinds of troops, each has its own function in the event of failure that hurt others.

combat task must be completed."No one except us!" - Is the motto, and the sentence.Because the price can be very high.