What types of sheep dogs are?

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Today Shepherds are among the most dedicated, smart and easy to train dogs.But do not think that members of this type are limited to such well-known species, as a German and Caucasian.In fact, their huge set.

Types Shepherd

times these dogs were used to guard, or shepherd police dog.On the exterior, and the origin of many types of sheepdogs similar.Most often, they are different growth wool on or addition.

Not all dog lovers know, what types there are sheepdogs.At the moment, you can allocate more than 40 breeds.It is noteworthy that many of them have nothing to do with the traditional idea of ​​the Shepherds.The best-known types are: German, Central Asian, Caucasian, Belgian, Scottish, Commander, Collie.Representatives of the first rocks occupy a leading place in popularity worldwide.Most often German Shepherds used to serve in law enforcement.They have a well-developed sense of smell and intuition, which is very good in the investigative activities.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Central Asian as well as, from time immemorial represented herding breeds.They differ from other types of massive head, powerful legs, drooping ears and rough bone.The long hair is often used as a beagle in the northern regions of Russia.

in the Americas are widely used these types of breeds of sheep dogs, like collies, bullets, Commander, French briardskie, Malinois, kuvasz and others.In Western Europe, popular Slovak sheepdog, lowland and Polish podgalskie.

German Shepherd

original name of the breed - Deutscher Schaferhund.In some countries, also known as the Alsatian shepherd.The history of this breed originated in Germany in the late 19th century, when the famous Captain von Stephanitz and breeder actively engaged in different kinds of mating dogs.Toward the close of his life he was able to bring the service shepherd dog, which was based on the gene Scottish Collie.

on common German breed show was exhibited in Hanover in 1892.During the First World Shepherd showed violent endurance, dedication and courage.Therefore, since the beginning of the 20th century they became in demand all over the world.A few years later well-known breeders from around the world have begun to actively interbreed different kinds of rocks with Shepherds "German", whereby in 2013 the line was the stand of the two dozen separate groups.

In Russia, these dogs were brought in 1904 for military purposes.

Variety GSD

most popular and well-known species is the classic, whose members belong to the High Line.These types of German shepherds differ loyalty and responsiveness.They are often used as a conductor and search dogs.Working line German Shepherds are widely used in the military service, as well trainable.Their disadvantage is the overly aggressive nature.

Eastern line was derived from the dogs that did not differ agility and obedience.But representatives of this type have a perfect physique and calm.The situation is similar with the Czech line.This is a purely operational kinds of sheepdogs, which can make constant heavy loads.Separated from the rest is the new and the old American line.These types of German shepherds became popular in the 1970s in Canada.Initially, the line output for speed walking, that's why dogs angular shape of the body and slightly elongated snout."The Americans" have soft character and a good appetite.

Representatives of the British lines look very powerful thanks to the massive bones and a long body.Despite his mild disposition, these sheepdogs bred purely for military purposes.However, in everyday life can often be found among the "English" guide dogs.Are similar in temperament and shape with the British line of white Swiss Shepherd.It is noteworthy that this type of purebred dogs should be black pigmentation of the eyes, nose, mouth, claws and most of the skin.

One of the most interesting German Shepherds are a subspecies of the panda and Shiloh.The first line has turned out as a result of an unexpected mutation by crossing the American species.As a result, the dogs began to appear distinctive black spots like a panda.These Shepherds are a lot of money.As for Shiloh, the mixture is sharplaninskoy line alyasskim malamute.The representatives of this type have up to 50 cm at the shoulders, due to what can withstand the enormous animal load.

From long-haired German Shepherd can be distinguished royal and Sarluuz Vulfhaund.The latter had been withdrawn in the Netherlands and contain a gene wolf.

Belgian Shepherd

homeland of this breed is considered to be England.In the 8th century British breeders crossed with mastiff Deerhound, hence this extraordinary painting.Joined the breed was in Brussels at the end of the 19th century, and therefore an appropriate name - Belgian Shepherd.While the main admirer of the new brood was a local Professor Reilly.It was he who revealed the types of Belgian Shepherds, which are limited to 4 lines: gryunnendal, Malinois, and Tervuren lakenua.Each of these types is similar between soboy.Belgiyskie Shepherds have a strong character and patience.The head is long and slightly wider.The forehead is moderately expressed, direct.Eyes medium size mostly black.Ears triangular set high.On physique "Belgians" very massive and impressive.

Caucasian Shepherd

hereditary Many breeders believe that dogs of this breed is descended from Tibetan dogs, the first mention of which appeared about 3 million years ago.Currently, all types of Caucasian Shepherd can be combined into a single line.

representatives of the breed in the growth can reach up to 75 cm. The adult male weighs about 70 kg.Caucasian shepherd dogs are considered one of the biggest dogs in the world.Their hair length of about 7 cm thick.Thanks to the "Caucasians" can easily tolerate extreme cold.Color can be different: white, brown, gray and even ryzhiy.Ushi such Shepherds are subject to cupping.The character - persistent, decisive.

Central Asian Shepherd

Representatives of this breed is still called Alabai.Central Asian Shepherd widespread in Siberia.Ancestor Alabais considered Tibetan mastiff.

By complexion dog large, well-built.The broad head, long strong jaw.In adult height reaches 71 cm (a weight of 50 kg).On the neck of the characteristic fold of fat, bulging like a collar.As representatives of the Caucasian breed, ALABAY needed relief ears and tail.The eyes and nose of dark sheep dogs.Wool - a relatively short but dense, so the dog can withstand up to 40 degrees below zero.Color from the Central Asian sheep-dogs can be lyubym.Po nature alabais very bold and unpretentious, always loyal to his master.Special types of training Central Asian Shepherd does not require, as they are for the most part able to develop independently.Puppies Alabai different intelligence and restraint.

Education (team)

main tool for influencing the shepherd is his master's voice.From the first days of life in a new home the puppy begins to distinguish between caressing and reproachful tone.To encourage the dogs to perform certain actions, use a variety of goodies.For obedience puppy can get a slice of cheese, meat, or cookies, depending on their preferences.

All kinds of sheepdogs at an early age to instantly react to its nickname, so it is recommended to use them in front of each team.Example: "Jack!To me! »

From the earliest days of education should be to teach your pet to cleanliness and decency.Explain that you can not do, you need to team with the addition of "Fu".Shepherd accustom to be around better with the help of her bowls.Lure the dog to his food, you need to move away from it slowly and repeat the command "To me".

Know your puppy should place the first days of stay in the house.In fact, the corresponding command does not need to be clarified pet.If he is happy with the place, it will be happy to return to it.

Proper feeding

All kinds of sheepdogs most preferred meat.However, it is important to regularly change the pet's diet, his body gets all the necessary trace elements.

example, the daily rate for adult dogs must include: 80 grams of meat, 120 grams of oat or wheat grains, 50 grams of potatoes or other vegetables, 20 grams of animal fat, 10 g of salt and 5 g of fish meal.Furthermore, it allowed broths and vitamin supplements.