How is the certification of teachers of English?

teacher certification must be carried out on the principle of transparency and openness.Through this procedure, educators can raise your level as a professional, summarize experience and improve skills.Certification may be mandatory or voluntary.In the first case, it is done every five years and confirms that the employee's position.

Certification of English teachers for training is voluntary.The teacher can take it two years after the start of work.Teachers may assign a first or highest category.Procedure is conducted by a special commission-based portfolio, which provides the teacher.

The main objectives pursued by the certification of teachers of English, it is encouraging level of training and, consequently, the quality of his professional skills.Those who have worked for less than two years, as well as pregnant women, the procedure may not take place.

In order to get the first category, teachers must show the ability to master modern technology and teaching methods.In addition, the teacher needs to make a personal contribution, which increases the quality of education.Students must perform well exploration program.All these data are included in the portfolio, which is going for a certain period of operation.Documentation should be framed accordingly.

core portfolio make inquiries and reports certified by the director and other responsible persons (methodologist, deputy. Director and so on. D.).Certification of teachers is conducted in absentia, that is, the presence of the teacher during the procedure is not required.Another thing - a confirmation that the employee meets the post.In this case, the employee will need to pass the test, the questions which relate directly to the activities of teachers.

the presence of the first category and experience in this position for two years, a teacher can claim higher.To do this, the teacher must apply in their work the latest technology, and his students show good results of development programs.Thus it is desirable to introduce the learning efficiency in dynamics.Certification of teachers is an indication that the teacher actively develops and improves professional skill that can not help but reflect on the improvement of the educational process.

When assigning the worker category is taken into account and his participation in various competitions, as well as the achievement of its students.For their own development for teachers of English, you can periodically take Cambridge exams.This will help the teacher to further verify their skills.Enhancing knowledge, the desire to use in their work is something new, more efficient - these are the tasks facing teachers who are going to attest.In addition, there is a material stimulation of those who successfully passed the procedure.Certification of teachers is quite an important point for the professional career of the teacher.